Logan Paul wants to slap Floyd Mayweather after knocking out 350-pound man

Logan Paul wants to slap floyd mayweatherInstagram/Loganpaul/floydmayweather

YouTube star Logan Paul says he wants to slap boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in the face as the rivalry between the two rages on long after their exhibition fight.

In the months since the influencer collided with the 50-0 boxing superstar, Logan has alleged that Floyd has yet to pay him for their fight, and may even end up taking the professional boxer to court.

While Mayweather has said that Logan should just be happy with the paycheck he received and that the payout could take time, others, such as younger brother Jake Paul, aren’t convinced and are demanding he pay up.

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Now, with Logan gears up to host the Slap Fighting Championship alongside movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, the YouTuber says he wants to slap Mayweather in the face. And going by Logan’s track record, Floyd may not want to let him.

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Logan Paul wants to slap Floyd Mayweather more than anyone

Speaking with Dexerto at a press conference, we asked Logan if could slap anyone in the face, whether it’s a YouTuber or an actor, who would it be and his response was immediate.

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“Floyd Mayweather!” he emphatically answered with a laugh.

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Given the recent drama between the boxer and influencer, it’s easy to see why ‘The Maverick’ would choose Floyd, but as it turns out, Logan has some serious slapping power.

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Back in 2019, Logan was able to connect with a 350-pound man who was competing in a slap fighting contest.

“I ended up slapping this 350lb guy, this slap master from the States,” he explained on MMA Hour. “I knocked him out cold, like cold, cold. Starched him to the point where after I hit him he didn’t even know who he was.”

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Seeing as Logan was able to knock a man that large out, it would be very interesting to see what would happen if he could hit Floyd with an open-handed slap. Slapping him with a lawsuit, however, could very well happen, especially if Logan and his team decide the situation warrants going to court over.

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