Nate Diaz brushes off Jake Paul fight with sights now set on Logan Paul instead

Logan Paul next to Nate DiazInstagram: natediaz209 / Instagram: loganpaul

Although early negotiations reportedly had Jake Paul in line to box Nate Diaz, the target appears to have switched as the MMA icon has now threatened to “beat” Logan Paul instead.

The Paul brothers and the Diaz brothers have been teasing some form of combat sports clash for months at this stage. What began as rumors of a ‘brother vs brother’ event soon led to an alleged agreement of a Jake vs Nate boxing PPV. Nothing has yet come to fruition, however.

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Since these early rumblings, the YouTube celebs and MMA legends have continued to cross paths. Whether it’s faceoffs at various open workouts or Nate leaving Jake’s latest fight early, there’s been a “reason” for these teasers over the past few months, according to the younger Paul brother. It could all be building to a future showdown.

While previous comments linked Jake to the Nate fight, the focus may have just changed. The UFC veteran could now be eyeing a boxing match with Logan instead, after certain comments on The MMA Hour caught his attention.

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jake paul talks to loganYouTube: Logan Paul
Jake and Logan Paul have been calling out the Diaz brothers for the better part of a year already.

When asked who Logan would like to see Jake fight next, two names came to mind. “I’d love to see him fight Nate Diaz and then eventually, Conor McGregor,” he told Ariel Helwani. “I think that’d be such a cool fight.”

McGregor has been called out plenty of times by the Paul brothers of late, but this is the first time Diaz has been brought back into the fold since 2021.

Naturally, this idea didn’t sit well with the Stockton icon. Rather than addressing the long-rumored clash with Jake, Diaz instead turned his attention to Logan.

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“Logan, how about I beat your ass instead for doing that to your brother,” he said on Twitter. 

Obviously, it’s all just talk for now given his current contract with the UFC, but it’s clear Diaz is still eager to throw his trademark slap at either Paul brother.

While Jake responded questioning if Nate’s comments were “sus,” Logan is yet to address the reignited beef. For the time being, it’s likely his full attention is focused on the first wrestling match of his career as Logan prepares for WrestleMania 38.

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There’s no doubt we’ll see the Diaz and Paul brothers butting heads for months to come, however. Without an opponent locked in for Jake’s next boxing event, there’s always a slight chance we see this feud come to blows sooner than later.