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Logan Paul stuns assistant with $50k “dream car” gift

Published: 27/Apr/2020 14:53

by Jacob Hale


Logan Paul has stunned his assistant, Dani Strobel, by surprising her with her dream car to celebrate the two year anniversary of when she started working for him.

In an emotional video that sees Logan suddenly reminded that Dani has been working with him for two years, he has to quickly plot out a gift to buy her to show his appreciation, and he comes up with the perfect idea.

Dani’s Jeep Cherokee, as he says, was getting older and perhaps not working as it once was, so Logan took the initiative to reach out to her brother and mom to find out the exact car she would love to replace it – and didn’t disappoint.

Instagram: danilstrobel
Dani has become a common face in Logan’s vlogs.

After tricking her with a very basic (but thoughtful) gift of flowers, chocolates and a card – which she actually went out and bought herself – Dani obviously thought there wasn’t much more to her anniversary and was none the wiser.

But that day, Logan went out with ImPaulsive co-host Mike Majlak to buy her a new gift, helped out by her family, of a 2020 Grand Jeep Cherokee in the exact grey color that they said she would like.

When revealing the gift to her, he hands her a wrapped iPad Pro box, which she seems delighted with, but upon opening it the only thing in there is a car key, and she’s clearly speechless.

She’s clearly a little emotional about the gift, and struggles to hold back tears, even dropping the keys when she takes them out due to her nerves.

Despite that, she loves it, telling Logan that he “picked a pretty great one” when he says that he tried to make sure it was perfect – and he used the opportunity to make a joke at Mike about the mantis shrimp he bought for Logan’s birthday, which he clearly wasn’t a huge fan of.

It can’t be an easy job being Logan Paul’s assistant, but it’s clear in moments like these that their friendship runs much deeper than simply a work one – they’re evidently great friends, too.


KSI calls out Jake Paul after YouTuber KO’s Nate Robinson in boxing bout

Published: 29/Nov/2020 5:19

by Andrew Amos


It’s been no time at all, but Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has already called out Jake Paul ahead of their prospective bout at Madison Square Garden, saying that after his performance against Nate Robinson, Paul stands no chance.

It was the fight everyone had their eyes on November 28. On the undercard of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr, YouTuber Jake Paul was set to bout with NBA star Nate Robinson.

What we got instead was a bloodbath. Robinson was trounced by Paul, getting knocked down multiple times before Paul laid the final blow in the second round. Robinson barely laid a glove on Paul despite coming out all guns blazing.

While millions watched, there was one spectator on the sidelines with more on the line than most ⁠— Jake Paul’s next prospective opponent, KSI.

The YouTuber has already faced off against Paul’s older brother Logan, beating the American not once but twice. Jake fancies his chances a little bit better, but KSI wasn’t impressed by the younger brother’s skills against Robinson.

As soon as the fight ended, KSI already started the war back up with the Pauls. “I saw nothing special from Jake lol. Soon come,” he said on Twitter.

The thinly-veiled threat at Jake Paul is alluding to their prospective bout at Madison Square Garden, pending the current global situation.

Paul has been pretty vocal about making sure the fight goes ahead, saying he has a point to prove against the British YouTuber. “KSI vs Jake Paul is 100% gonna happen. If I die without that happening, I would be so upset. It has to happen, for the culture,” he said in September.

While Paul didn’t direct address KSI post-fight ⁠— instead calling out Conor McGregor for a bout ⁠— the rivalry between the two YouTubers is fierce.

One can only hope they do actually make good on their promise and get in the ring.