Logan Paul spends over $200,000 on ultra-rare Pokemon cards

Theo Salaun
logan paul pokemon cards box

Logan Paul has decided to diversify his business portfolio, taking some advice from Gary Vee and subsequently investing heavily, to the tune of $200,000, into the Pokemon card collection game.

At 25 years old and already a multimillionaire, the older Paul brother has seen and done a lot. In recent years, he has reinvented his image to a certain extent, even receiving some praise from former rival Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, who applauded Logan’s growth after some self-aware comments about white privilege: “Well done, bro. For real. Over the years you’ve changed a lot, man.”

Now, with a hit “Impaulsive” podcast and a refurbished public image, Logan is looking into expand his brand into even more wholesome areas, including the growing world of Pokemon card collection. Following a chat about sports cards with the entrepreneur, author, and influencer, Vee (formally known as Vaynerchuk), Paul delved directly into the world his childhood makes him most familiar with.

And when the multimillionaire influencer dives in, he doesn’t just dip his toes, as Logan has already spent about $200,000 on Pokemon cards in the brief time he’s been collecting.

“Alright, f**k it, I’m gonna do it. I love Pokemon. It shouldn’t be too hard.” As Logan explains, when Vee told him to get involved in card collection, Pokemon was an easy jump-off point for the influencer.

A childhood fan, he already has a Squirtle tattoo next to his…groin and is in the midst of planning out a larger Charizard one for his back — possibly because the large fire-breather boasts some of the most valuable cards in the industry.

Citing Pokemon’s place as the highest-grossing media franchise in history, with over $90 billion, Paul reveals how far his new hobby has gone. Meeting with collectors, learning about the cards’ grading scales and histories, Logan spends $50,000 on individual cards and packs to start and eventually invests $165,000 ($198,000 with Buyer’s Premium) in a first-edition booster box. 


With his girlfriend, Josie Canseco, pulling multiple Charizard cards from some of the first packs he bought, Logan has been amped up about his budding collection. Thus far, it’s unclear how much his opened collection is valued at, but he is already showing off some of the goods.

As for the fate of that first-edition booster box, Logan’s investment appears to be multifaceted, while he holds onto some collected cards for an appreciation in worth, he will be selling some of the packs from the $198,000 box and creating easily monetized content with it. On October 9 at 6 p.m. PST, Logan will be doing a live unboxing of the packs in a brand-new area for the once-controversial influencer.