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Joe Rogan reveals the only way Logan Paul could beat Floyd Mayweather

Published: 30/Sep/2020 14:20 Updated: 30/Sep/2020 14:26

by Jacob Hale


Joe Rogan has revealed the one way in which he believes YouTuber Logan Paul could beat Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming boxing match.

The match between these two was announced on September 16, sending fans into frenzy at the thought of a YouTuber facing off against one of the greatest boxers to ever grace the sport.

Many believe that the fight won’t go ahead at all, including our very own Richard Lewis who said as much in an episode of Influenced, but for all intents and purposes, it looks like an exhibition match could be on the cards.


In an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan brought up the fight, and revealed the only way in which he believes Logan can win.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul boxing
Instagram: loganpaul
Logan and his brother, Jake, have started to take on the boxing world in recent years.

The only issue is, Rogan believes the rules need to be slightly different for Paul to get the best of the 50-0 undefeated fighter.

“Logan Paul is a really good athlete and an enormous man,” the Mixed Martial Arts expert said. “Now, if it was an MMA fight, I would pick Logan Paul. Listen to me, there’s a video of Logan Paul wrestling Paulo Costa… he is exhibiting real skill, wrestling skill.”

Rogan goes on to call Paul “very athletic” and say that he punches “with very good technique,” so there may be a sliver of hope for Paul in Rogan’s eyes.


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The idea is also bandied about that Logan could win if he manages to pull off one good jab — after all, he is significantly bigger than Mayweather, so there is some advantage.

That said, the chances of them deciding to make this an MMA match rather than just a boxing match is minuscule, especially given Mayweather has no experience in the sport, and Logan was a successful high school wrestler who has sparred with UFC greats such as the aforementioned Costa.

Needless to say, if this fight does indeed go ahead, it’s guaranteed to be an interesting one for everybody involved.