Logan Paul speaks out on his Suicide Forest scandal in emotional video

Logan Paul, YouTube

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has spoken out once again on his debacle in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ during an emotional video, where he claimed that 2018 has been “the most important year” of his life.

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Logan Paul uploaded a video on December 29, 2018, simply titled, “WHY 2018 WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR OF MY LIFE.” The video detailed Paul’s scandal from earlier in the year, when he filmed the body of a deceased suicide victim in Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’ for what would become one of the most criticized vlogs in history.

Paul explained that his upward momentum and “fast” lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of becoming a top YouTuber, drove him to a new level where he felt that he could do no wrong.

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“Every single day, my actions were validated by five to seven million viewers, and as long as I wasn’t doing any harm, no one was trying to stop me,” Logan explained, going on to call the incident in Japan as, “the perfect storm of circumstance, ignorance, ego, and downright stupidity.”

Paul then chastised his suicide awareness campaign after the debacle, stating the he went “into panic mode” and tried to “reverse the past” due to his intense fear of being disliked.

Despite this major demerit to Paul’s image, he claimed that his boxing match with YouTuber KSI allowed him to refocus his worldview, giving him a chance to turn his “disoriented emotions into fuel.”

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Logan Paul, YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/TheOfficialLoganPaul[ad name=”article3″]

Paul concluded his video by stating that he hopes to continue to grow and learn from the experience, and dubbed 2018 as the “most important year of his life.”

While Paul became the most hated personality on the internet, he still managed to land a spot in Forbe’s top 10 highest earning YouTubers of 2018, and is currently working on a slew of new projects, such as an animated series, a elision show, and a documentary over his stint at the Flat Earth Conference in November.