Deji & KSI’s bitter feud causes surprising rift in their subscriber counts

Deji, KSI - YouTube

Popular YouTubers Deji and Olajide William ‘KSI’ Olatunji are in the midst of a fierce family feud, after Deji leaked KSI’s personal bank records for a diss track. Now, Deji stands accused of milking their fight for views – but the evidence shows a startling trend to the contrary.

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KSI called out Deji in a Tweet on December 27, claiming that he was “manipulating the audience” to prevent himself from losing subscribers.

While Deji has refuted these claims before, he appeared to respond to KSI’s allegations with a vague Tweet the very next day – but an investigation into both YouTubers’ subscriber counts reveals a trend that contradicts Deji’s alleged efforts.

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Despite Deji’s subscriber increase just around the time of the spat’s inception, he is now losing subscribers at a rapid pace, dropping a total of 24,871 subs as of December 29, according to statistics website Social Blade.

Deji isn’t the only brother suffering from the feud, either; KSI likewise saw a drop in subs, losing around 1,500 subscribers on December 20 and 23. However, unlike his little bro, KSI has bounced back considerably, now gaining a daily average of 2,182 subs.

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KSI isn’t the only one to have accused Deji of using the spat for views; Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem speculated that the youngest Olatunji brother was riding the argument to keep his “dying channel” afloat in an episode on December 7.

Deji has since denied any claims of drawing out their feud in the hopes of gaining subs, going so far as to call his brother “manipulative” in a response video on December 8.