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Top 10 highest earning YouTubers of 2018 sees surprising results

Published: 3/Dec/2018 20:09 Updated: 4/Dec/2018 14:41

by Virginia Glaze


This year has been a wild one for YouTube stars across the video platform; From Logan Paul’s serious scandal at the beginning of 2018 to Markiplier’s clothing line release in late October, YouTubers have been in the news for a multitude of reasons, and now, their earnings are taking the spotlight.

This year’s highest-earning YouTubers saw some surprising contestants, aside from the site’s usual fare of social media stars like Jake Paul – who shockingly surpassed his older (and arguably more controversial) brother Logan Paul in terms of revenue.

2018’s top-earning stars included the likes of makeup guru Jeffree Star, who reeled in a reported $18 million through his Jeffree Star Cosmetics line – which, according to, pulls over $100 million in yearly revenue.


Also in the runnings were YouTube group Dude Perfect, gamer Vanoss Gaming, and even child star RyanToysReview, who managed to take the number one spot with a whopping $22 million (thanks to his wide audience and collectible toy line for sale at Wal-Mart).

You can check out a complete list of 2018’s highest-paid YouTubers below. Who are your favorite stars, and did they earn as much as you suspected they had?


#10 – Logan Paul, $14.5 M

YouTuber Magazine

#9 – PewDiePie, $15.5 M

PewDiePie, YouTube

#8 – Jacksepticeye, $16 M

Jacksepticeye, YouTube

#7 – Vanoss Gaming, $17 M

Gazette Review

#6 – Markiplier, $17.5 M

Markiplier, YouTube

#5 – Jeffree Star, $18 M

Jeffree Star, YouTube

#4 – DanTDM, $18.5 M

#3 – Dude Perfect, $20 M

Dude Perfect, YouTube

#2 – Jake Paul, $21.5 M

#1 – RyanToysReview, $22 M,