Logan Paul slams David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek over ‘Suicide Forest’ joke

Virginia Glaze

Social media star Logan Paul is no stranger to conroversy, following his international debacle in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ in late 2018 – a scandal that follows him to this day, according to alleged comments made by other top YouTubers.

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Paul received a surprise visit from popular YouTubers Corinna Kopf, David Dobrik, and Jeff Wittek on the weekend of June 7, during a private party.

According to Paul, Kopf and Dobrik had been sitting on the set of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast during the party – an area he explained was “off limits,” making Paul “nervous” that he would be the “butt of a vlog joke” by the YouTubers.

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It seems that his worries ultimately came true a week later, as Paul claimed that he’d heard Dobrik and Wittek joking about his ‘Suicide Forest’ scandal via his security cameras.

“I have security cameras everywhere in my house,” Paul explained during a June 14 episode of the podcast. “…I could hear what they were saying. They made a ‘Suicide Forest’ joke. …Jeff was caught on camera. Someone Instagrammed him and he was like, making fun of me and my mistakes and my controversies.”

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Logan wasn’t going to take the trash talk sitting down, and called out both Wittek and Dobrik for their “blatant disrespect,” asking them to handle the situation in person, “like men.”

“Jeff, what’s fucking good, bro?” Paul challenged. “…Then you text me the next day saying you want to go running… you want to box sometime? Please, please come over and we can handle this like fucking men, instead of coming to my house, on my podcast, and talking shit.”

David Dobrik, InstagramDavid Dobrik is an immensely popular YouTube vlogger, boasting over 12 million subscribers on the platform.

This wouldn’t be the first time Paul has called out David Dobrik, either; Paul had jokingly taken shots at the vlogger in December 2018 for ghosting him, after Paul had invited him onto ‘imPaulsive’ as a guest.

Now, it appears that some legitimate bad blood is brewing between the two, although Dobrik has yet to respond to Paul’s latest statements as of June 15.

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