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Logan Paul puzzled after David Dobrik and Corinna Kopf break into his podcast studio

Published: 11/Jun/2019 22:37 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 15:01

by Eli Becht


Logan Paul had nothing but questions after he learned that David Dobrik and Corinna Kopf were sitting on the set of his podcast during a party he was hosting.

Before Corinna Kopf began dating Fortnite Battle Royale pro Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney, she had a short fling with controversial Logan Paul – something that was confirmed after the two were seen at an NBA game.

Although Paul and Kopf have broken up, the two have remained linked and the latest story in the saga reveals she went into his house with David Dobrik, possibly with an agenda.

Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTubeLogan Paul is one of the most controversial YouTubers out there.

Logan Paul had a party over the weekend of June 7-9, and Kopf showed up and supposedly had a discussion with FaZe Banks. The two were said to have a tame conversation, which is surprising given what’s currently unfolding between Tfue and him.

During the party, Paul was informed that Kopf and Dobrik were just sitting on the set of his podcast.

“Andre told me that before we started rolling, he said ‘Hey Logan, I just want you to know I walked her in during the party yesterday into the garage, this room by the way is off limits, and David Dobrik and Corinna were sitting on set.”

However, that’s not even the biggest concern on Paul’s mind, as he is worried about what Kopf and Dobrik were doing inside his house on the set of the podcast.

“I’m just nervous, dude,” Paul said. “I feel like I’m gonna be the butt of a vlog joke. I don’t want that smoke dude.”

(Paul begins discussing Kopf around the 7:53 mark into the podcast)

What was Corinna doing?

Logan Paul’s podcast didn’t shed enough light on the matter to get a good idea of what Corinna was doing on set, as Paul kept being interrupted.

Outside of a few comments about her being there, he didn’t share a whole lot else. We’ll just have to keep an eye on what she and Dobrik are releasing over the next several days.


Twitch streamer confronts DoorDash driver after console war trash talk

Published: 24/Nov/2020 19:33 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 19:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Console wars are nothing new to video game enthusiasts. From schoolyard debates to forum threads 500 pages deep, console loyalists have fought tooth and nail since the dawn of time. Now, the battleground has shifted with even DoorDash drivers getting in on the action against customers.

During a Twitch broadcast, streamer Jameskii was playing Minecraft while waiting for DoorDash to deliver his order. Suddenly, he received a text message on his phone.

“Hold on, is my drink here?” he wondered as he grabbed his mobile device. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

As the streamer stared down at his phone, he could hardly contain his disbelief at the message he received from the driver.

“My food delivery guy just messaged me ‘Xbox is trash as f**k,” he laughed. “I’m not kidding. My f**king DoorDash just messaged me. It says, ‘Hello, DoorDash has arrived with your order’ and the next message is ‘Xbox is trash as f**k.’”

As it turns out, the driver actually tried to call the streamer, but when Jameskii didn’t pick up, he felt the need to trash talk Xbox.

Despite all this confusion and the out of context attack on Microsoft’s console, Jameskii wondered if he should call the driver back.

“Say yeah, PlayStation is better, woo!” his friend suggested as the streamer began to redial the number.

Eventually, someone on the other end picked up. “Alright, what did you say about Xbox?” Jameskii asked point-blank.

After a few moments of silence, the driver doubled down on his earlier comment and shouted, “F**k Xbox!”

The remark had the streamer in stitches and made him burst out laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation.

While console wars have a long history dating beyond even the 90s when Nintendo and Sega duked it out, it’s unlikely that the phenomenon ever reached a point where delivery drivers partake. It just goes to show that we’re living in a strange timeline.