Logan Paul reveals why KSI’s team was “freaking out” ahead of WrestleMania 39 Prime spot

Brad Norton
KSI and Logan Paul in Prime Hydration costumes

Logan Paul’s latest viral moment in the WWE came at KSI’s expense during WrestleMania 39. Admittedly, it was a spot the British YouTuber’s management team wasn’t all too eager on at first.

Since signing with the WWE in 2022, there’s been no shortage of viral clips from internet celeb Logan Paul. From his breathtaking crash with Ricochet at the Royal Rumble to his main event frog splash on champ Roman Reigns, each appearance has certainly exploded on social media.

Looking to top his previous acts with yet another memorable sequence at this year’s WrestleMania, the biggest WWE event on the calendar, Paul once again took to the top rope. This time, however, it wasn’t a fellow wrestler he crashed onto. Rather, it was former boxing rival turned Prime Hydration co-founder KSI.

After masking his presence inside a giant Prime bottle costume, KSI emerged to a thunderous roar from the Los Angeles crowd. But while the two intended to dominate Seth Rollins, he was ultimately the last one laughing, well, cackling, after Paul flew through the air and crashed down onto his business partner in yet another viral WWE clip.

Given the nature of the stunt though, Paul soon admitted on a follow-up episode of the Impaulsive podcast, that KSI’s management team wasn’t thrilled by the idea at first. Especially given the close proximity of his next boxing match against Joe Fournier on May 13.

“When we came up with this idea to jump on the Prime bottle, I didn’t think it was gonna get approved,” Paul said a few days removed from the historic WWE event.

“I didn’t know if JJ would want to get physical,” co-host Mike Majlak chimed in, to which Paul quickly agreed. “Me neither,” he joked.

“So when I pitched JJ and his team on Prime, it was like ‘hey guys, I have this idea for a drink company.’ They were like ‘yeah, sounds pretty good.’ And pitching them [on WrestleMania] had a very similar reaction. ‘Hey, I know you have a boxing match next month, here’s the idea, you’ve gotta trust me.’

Not looking to jeopardize a huge payday for his foe-turned-friend KSI, Paul claimed he was indeed nervous when sharing the idea. But while KSI was immediately “down for the cause” and enthusiastic about the idea, his manager didn’t share the excitement.

“[KSI’s] manager is sending sweat emojis saying ‘yeah I don’t think that’s gonna work,’” he recounted. Given the physicality of the spot, one that saw Paul jumping from the top rope of the WWE ring, crashing onto KSI, and then exploding through an announce table, he was “worried [he] would really hurt him.”

Logan Paul discusses the viral KSI moment at the 17:40 timestamp below.

“His boxing coach was like ‘I need to see this, I need to talk to [WWE], I need to make sure… I need releases, they were freaking out,” Paul’s own manager Jeff Levin added. But even with these concerns, KSI was adamant it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” he simply couldn’t pass up.

“He was so excited. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that excited,” Paul said after the two walked to the back following their performance at WrestleMania.

For now, it appears KSI’s showing was a one-and-done deal with WWE, while Paul seems set to continue his run with odd Premium Live Event feuds for months to come. So it’d be wise not to expect any tag team action with the Prime founders anytime soon.