Will KSI join WWE? YouTuber finally addresses joining Logan Paul in wrestling

KSI sat on ring in black athletic vest and bandanaYouTube: Ladbible TV

YouTube star KSI has finally addressed that longstanding question of whether or not he’ll join Logan Paul in the WWE, and it’s bad news for any fan who was hoping to see a Prime tag team.

Influencers and content creators have always been trying to spread their wings and break out from what they’ve been most known for. 

Boxing and music were the first big ventures that a number of them have had success in, and there are always other avenues to explore. Logan Paul has proven that tenfold, as he’s taken a leap into the WWE and taken the world of professional wrestling by storm

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The Maverick has already had a WrestleMania match, challenged for the world championship, and been given a Rookie of the Year nod by fans and pundits. He’s done it all without much help, given that his brother Jake didn’t help him accomplish his goal of becoming champion during his brief appearance. 

Will KSI join WWE with Logan Paul?

There have also been questions about whether or not KSI – Logan’s business partner with the Prime Hydration drinks – could get involved, seeing as he is a lifelong wrestling fanatic. 

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Well, the British YouTube star has finally answered that question, and it’s pretty bad news for anyone hoping to see him come flying off the top rope with a cross body and score a pinfall win alongside Logan. 

“Will KSI join WWE? No, I have no business in the WWE. Nope, nope, nope,” he said during his appearance on WIRED’s popular ‘Answer the web’s most searched questions’ series. 

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However, despite shutting down fans’ hopes, joining the WWE isn’t completely out of the question. The British YouTuber made a brief appearance at WrestleMania 39 — where he was sent crashing through the commentators’ table by Logan Paul, who performed a spectacular frog splash from the top rope.

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Following the match, KSI was asked if he could see himself in the WWE, and who he’d like to face in the ring if given the opportunity. The YouTube star revealed he’d like a match WWE champion Bobby Lashley — despite him being three times KSI’s size in his own words.

Fortunately enough, the WWE champion is up for the challenge if nobody else is willing to step up.

While it might be something that falls under a childhood dream, KSI does already have plenty on his plate with YouTube, his music, Prime, and his boxing career.

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The latter of which he is aiming to wrap up by the end of 2023, as he’s already planned out his next few fights. Though, it appears we can’t count on him joining the WWE to fill that void.

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