YouTube artist Marko stuns Logan Paul with custom Pokemon boxing gloves

logan paul marko custom pokemon boxing glovesYouTube: MARKO

Logan Paul was left absolutely stunned by a gift from popular YouTube artist Marko Terzo, who surprised him with a unique pair of Pokemon-themed boxing gloves ahead of his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Over the last few years, Logan has built his brand around two things: Pokemon and boxing. His boxing matches against KSI were some of the biggest events to happen in the history of the internet, leading to his (now-delayed) bout against Mayweather.

Throughout 2020, he also helped contribute to the rise of Pokemon trading cards once again, putting them in the eyes of the mainstream and seeing prices soar following his involvement.

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So when Marko, who himself has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, decided to make the star a customized gift, there was really only one option.

logan paul with pokemon trading card 200k base setInstagram: loganpaul
Logan became a huge Pokemon trading card fanatic throughout 2020.

This isn’t the first time Marko has come up with a custom design for Logan, but it might be one of the best yet, as confirmed by Paul himself.

Starting with just a standard pair of boxing gloves, Marko made them completely blank before starting his designs. On one glove was Pikachu, surrounded by lightning bolts and looking as ferocious as a Pokemon can look. On the other, Marko used a more unique Pokeball-inspired design, fitting the theme but adding his own touch.

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Paul, when he received them, was visibly shocked. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed after opening the box. “This is my favorite. You snapped.”

Logan added that the custom design covers “all his loves in life,” saying it was “a fantastic gift” and assuring Marko that he’s getting better at his work.

Logan joked about it, but it’s unlikely we’ll see him don these when he goes up against Mayweather, one of the greatest fighters of all time.

That said, they’re still a pretty awesome gift and will likely be treasured by Logan for a very long time.

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