Logan Paul reveals target of his next diss track, and it’s not who you’d expect

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul published a scathing diss track on rival KSI ahead of their boxing match in August 2018 – and now, he’s teasing yet another diss against a surprising new opponent.

Paul created a Twitter poll on April 13, asking his followers if he should create a diss track against the coyote responsible for the death of his beloved Pomeranian pup, ‘Kong da Savage.’

However, it seems like Paul isn’t taking “no” for an answer, as users only have the option to vote between “yes” and “fuck yes.” Thus far, “fuck yes” is in the lead by 57% of votes, while “yes” lags behind at 43%

The passing of Kong, da Savage Pom

Paul broke the news of Kong’s death in an emotional Instagram post on April 6, claiming that the Pomeranian had been killed by two coyotes in his front yard the night of April 5.

The YouTuber later uploaded a video on the subject showing security footage of the incident, calling the coyotes’ bloodshed a “cunning abduction plan.”

“… my son Kong da Savage was taken by a coyote last night from our front yard,” Paul said of the tragedy. “Despite his savagery, he didn’t stand a chance. Fuck.”

Paul likewise hinted that he would get revenge against the “yotes” for attacking Kong – although his fans were likely unaware that he would whip up a diss track in retaliation, rather than phoning animal control.

The internet reacts to Kong’s loss

Kong’s death prompted a mass outpouring of sympathy from social media stars throughout the space, with even the likes of longtime rival KSI reaching out to Paul in a heartwarming Tweet despite their continuous beef.

Kong was an integral part of Logan Paul’s YouTube career and even sported a massive, independent following on his own Instagram account, garnering over three million followers before his passing.

The Pomeranian wasn’t the only furry member of the Maverick family, either; Paul also owns a relatively Insta-famous mini-pig, Pearl Bing Bing, as well as a Sun Conure parrot named Maverick.

Logan Paul, TwitterThe Maverick mansion sports a menagerie of pets, including Paul’s Sun Conure parrot, Maverick – the very bird that is found on Paul’s logo.

This upcoming diss track won’t be the last of Paul’s stint in the music industry – the YouTuber recently expressed a desire to branch out from the platform, hoping to work in film making, stand-up comedy, and music in the future.