Top 10 Dr Disrespect rages of all time – Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1

David Purcell
Graphics from Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect might bring speed, violence and momentum to his Twitch streams on a regular basis, but many viewers still tune in for his those hilarious moments where the blood is boiling and the rage is flowing. 

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The Doc is widely recognised as one of, if not the, most iconic streamers the platform has to offer. Whether that’s an appreciation of the unique internet personality that he’s built for himself over the years, his production value, or more simply a testament to his gameplay – people respect Dr Disrespect.

However, anyone who knows anything about Dr Disrespect also knows that he also has a tendency to fly off the handle as well. So, let’s take a look at perhaps his best 10 rage moments to-date. 

Twitch/Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect is never shy about voicing his opinion about video games.
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10 – Dr Disrespect punches his chair after PUBG loss

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Dr Disrespect fans might have seen the streamer play hours and hours of Bluehole, or as he calls it ‘Blueball’, Entertainment’s battle royale game in the past. 

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    9 – Doc loves the H1Z1 shotguns

    H1Z1 is one of those games that started like a house on fire, but the flames burnt out pretty fast. 

    Many gamers complained about issues in the title, but none more so than the shooting and looting errors that were prevalent at the time it was hugely popular on Twitch. The Two-Time just couldn’t stand it.

    8 – Forget about headshots. Go for the legs!

    Pro players and streamers are always quick to share their clips of sniper headshots and quickscopes, but the Doc couldn’t have guessed that opponents would be trying to kneecap him. Well, until this happened.  

    7 – “This fucking game is so stupid!”

    Dr Disrespect is all for taking on other players in one-on-one gunfights to decide who is the best, but sometimes lag can get in the way of that from happening. You just hate to see it…

    6 – Don’t ask Doc to play with CouRage

    Many Twitch viewers will pick their favorite streamers and would like to see some of them play together someday. Yet, after losing his cool once already during his stream, when Doc was asked to play with Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop by a fan, he completely lost it. 

    We’re guessing he doesn’t like the idea. 

    5 – Dr Disrespect uninstalls PUBG 

    Dr Disrespect’s patented Triple Threat Challenge is one of his stream’s biggest draws, where he tests himself to win a solo match in three different battle royale games – with the usual suspects being Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Battlefield V’s Firestorm, and others. 

    However, there are some things about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that he’s taken issue with in the past. Here, he decided to uninstall the game.

    Why not? There’s plenty of other BR games to play. 

    4 – This guy is going to kill me

    We’ve already seen Dr Disrespect have problems with H1Z1’s shotguns, but it gets even worse. After missing four straight shots at almost point blank range, the Two-Time runs away from his opponent and predicts that he won’t be able to hit a shot to knock them down. 

    Seconds later, the player comes out and wrecks him. He didn’t like that. Not one bit. 

    3 – NOBODY wants the red zone

    PUBG was the first battle royale game to introduce a red zone feature, which is basically an artillery strike that impacts different areas of the map. Get caught in it, and it could spell out the end for your time in the session. 

    Well, that’s exactly what happened to Dr Disrespect, who was killed by the zone and took it out on his gaming chair. 

    2 – “What the fuck is this game about?”

    The self professed best video gamer in history might have been able to complete his Triple Threat Challenge in under two hours, but not when Fortnite is included. 

    Doc has had numerous problems with the game since it was released in September 2017 and in this clip, where he’s wrecked by a bushed up enemy, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 


    Dr Disrespect might have pulled some insane outbursts out of his locker since he’s been streaming, but in terms of showing pure anger and disdain for a game, this clip takes the biscuit.

    In an unbelievable rage video, Doc says that he will never play Fortnite ever again and says it’s mind-boggling how the world “fell for” Fortnite. Sit back folks, this one is brilliant. 

    So, there we have it. Our very own top 10 rage clips from Dr Disrespect. If any of you chubby cheeks think we’ve missed any out, or would like to rate our selections, head over to Twitter and tweet us @Dexerto!