Logan Paul shocked by Justin Bieber’s rumored boxing skills

Logan Paul, YouTube / Justin Bieber, Instagram

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul is gearing up for a potential boxing match with the NFL’s Antonio Brown — but Brown isn’t the only celebrity apparently interested in the sport, according to Justin Bieber’s creative director.

Actor and director Rory Kramer made a guest appearance on a January 16 episode of the “imPaulsive” podcast, best known for his music videos featuring the likes of Bieber, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

While EDM may be his specialty, Kramer likewise boasts plenty of stories about Bieber, one of which centered around his purported boxing talents.

Justin Bieber poses in a pink beanie.Justin Bieber, Instagram
Canadian music artist Justin Bieber is apparently a skilled boxer, according to his creative director.

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Considering Paul’s stint in the sport against rival KSI (who ultimately took their rematch by split-decision), Kramer shared his own experience fighting Bieber, and revealed the Canadian pop star is a surprisingly talented boxer.

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“I have been in the ring twice, both times with Bieber, and he smoked me,” Kramer admitted. “We were on tour, and both times I was running my mouth… he’s been trained by Floyd [Mayweather]. He knows what he’s doing.”

Logan Paul poses in boxing gloves.Logan Paul, Instagram
YouTuber Logan Paul has officially begun his career as a professional boxer, and is reportedly gearing up to fight the NFL’s Antonio Brown.

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Needless to say, Paul seemed surprised by this assessment, asking, “Bieber beat your a**?”

According to “The Maverick,” this isn’t his first time hearing of Bieber’s supposed skill, with his first boxing trainer having worked with the singer in the past.

“He said that no one can last as long on the pads as Bieber,” Logan explained. “He can hit the pads for like, 45 minutes straight.”

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2016 footage shows Bieber hitting the mitts, and he doesn’t look too shabby giving ’em the one-two — but we’ll leave that to the readers’ judgement.

Justin’s aptitude for boxing follows his appearance at the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch in November 2019, where he walked out as part of Paul’s entourage before the bout began after notably supporting the YouTuber on social media.

Having been called out by KSI, it doesn’t look like he’s interested in taking to the YouTube boxing world anytime soon — but considering the very real possibility of a Logan Paul vs Antionio Brown fight, there’s no telling what’s in store in the future, with Jake Paul labeling it an “untapped vertical” for celebrities.

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