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Logan Paul reveals his brutal verdict on TikTok’s Hype House drama

Published: 1/Apr/2020 0:02

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok’s famous Hype House is descending into chaos, after star Daisy Keech announced she was suing fellow creators Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson — but YouTuber Logan Paul isn’t too invested in the drama.

Keech explained that although she put down a significant amount of money on the Hype House’s deposit, she and many other creators in the media collective were left out of important business decisions.

That’s not all; Keech also revealed that Petrou would often make huge decisions on the creators’ behalf, explaining that she felt “disrespected, degraded and used.”

The drama has since risen to the top of social media controversy, a topic that made its way to Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive podcast on March 31.

Having been a subject of ample controversy in the past, Paul is no stranger to internet drama — but his own experiences as a target of worldwide vitriol have somewhat jaded him to the Hype House’s current conflict.

“I attempted to invest my energy into both of them, but neither of them had enough weight for me to really be able to sink my teeth into,” he said of both the TikTok turmoil and iDubbbz’s response to his angry fans.

petroutv, Instagram
Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson are facing legal action from fellow Hype House member Daisy Keech, who accused the two of keeping other content creators out of important decisions.

That’s not all; Paul also revealed that he advised the TikTok group during their legal battle, claiming that he’d encouraged them to handle their beef outside of social media.

“I told that to both sides of the Hype House,” Paul began. “Because I’m friends with both sides. I told them both, my overall advice is like, ‘Yo, lowkey, who gives a f**k?’ …I think it’s something you can definitely handle offline. I don’t think it’s big enough to be able to make public.”

(Topic begins at 15:38 for mobile readers)

“Not to compare, but I’m used to some real drama, drama that shook and rippled the internet,” he continued, referencing his own international controversy from early 2018 in Japan’s Aokigahara “Suicide Forest.”

With both Petrou and Hudson facing legal action from Keech over the matter, TikTok fans the world over are waiting for further developments from drama that has rocked the viral video platform to its core.


Rookie Twitch streamer tears up after finally getting first viewers

Published: 16/Jan/2021 15:49

by Georgina Smith


New Twitch streamer NickCKelly got emotional on stream when he got his first viewers after waiting for nearly an hour, gaining thousands as followers as a result of his wholesome reaction.

2020 was a booming year for Twitch, with top creators like xQc and Valkyrae achieving huge numbers in terms of followers and views, and several gaming trends surging in popularity at various points in the year, meaning success all around.

With these huge creators out here smashing records, it’s easy to forget that many are only just starting out their venture into streaming, both casually and seriously.

This year has no doubt prompted more people than ever before to give streaming a try, but it’s not as easy as it might seem from the outside – especially if you’re starting from zero.

Twitch Logo Black Background
2020 helped Twitch do massive numbers all round.

NickCKelly was one such individual who wanted to give streaming a go, and he couldn’t have been more grateful when he eventually got his first viewers after a while on stream by himself.

He had been streaming for almost an hour when he noticed that some viewers had joined his previously empty chat, and he looked stunned.

“I have my first viewer, hi!” Nick said, looking taken aback by the sudden appearance. “Wow, this is amazing. I’m genuinely honored to have you in my stream, you’re my first viewer that I’ve had, I’ve been streaming for 48 minutes.”

“I feel like I’m gonna cry, man,” he said with the most wholesome reaction possible, tearing up as he spoke to his new viewers.

Over on Reddit, user Avoxio who found Nick’s stream explained why they entered his empty stream. “Me and some friends were scrolling through twitch and found this guy. His stream title got us intrigued so we decided to stop by.”

They also said “at first we thought he was trolling so we messed around a bit not thinking anything of it, throughout our conversation we realized that he was being genuine,” and said they decided to share his stream in hopes of getting him recognition.

Nick also responded in the comments: “I will not let you all down. I want to prove to people that there is goodness in the world, and that we are capable of so much more than most think. I think there’s so much pain and suffering in the world right now. Helping even a single person is making a difference in the world.”

The unexpected reaction from the small streamer certainly seemed to strike a chord with some viewers, and Nick has now shot up to 4.7 thousand followers at the time of writing.