Tana Mongeau explains why she “hated” filming Season 2 of MTV No Filter

Tana Mongeau in white hoodie sitting on floorYouTube: Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau has opened up to her fans about Season 2 of MTV No Filter, admitting she hated filming the show “at such a bad time,” especially considering she was in the “darkest” place of her life.

Tana Mongeau’s second season of her MTV show titled ‘No Filter’ has been received with mixed reception. While die-hard fans are by her side, others have criticized how the YouTuber treated those close to her, and her disregard for health issues.

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Mongeau has looked to clarify the situation, opening up about her struggles with addiction, depression, and physical health in a YouTube tell-all on March 30.

Tana Mongeau in white hoodie sitting on floorYouTube: Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau got emotional after opening up about Season 2 of MTV’s No Filter.

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On top of that, she also wanted to remind fans about how dramatized the reality show is, and that she “hates” how it’s portrayed her as a person.

Season 2 of No Filter was filmed just after her break-up with Jake Paul, and the YouTuber was struggling to even “get out of bed” for days. However, she wanted to tell her story in the most “brutally honest” way, which she now regrets.

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“I said that the only way I could stomach filming this season is if it’s brutally honest, which now I just hate saying out loud,” she said. “If me struggling physically and mentally is filmed, I’m fine showing that to the world if there’s a message behind it.

“I sat down with MTV and had these conversations, and we all kind of came to the conclusion that that’s what Season 2 would be about. It would be about the journey of me to better myself mentally and physically.”

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Her low-points throughout filming were overly dramatized, according to Mongeau, and that the reality show’s selective editing demonized her. This boiled over in Episode 5, when she had a fight with Jordan Worona, her manager, which Mongeau labeled as “sarcastic.

“A lot of the things that are now edited to look like this serious fight were sarcastic things we were saying to each other, or it was five minutes of a heated discussion that gets chopped up into two minutes of a really heated discussion,” she said.

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“Fast forward to today, all of that only made us stronger. Our bond is so unbreakable. I feel like so much of a better person for it, so it sucks seeing the whole world think that I take him for granted. It was just a really bad time.”

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She couldn’t help but feel hard done by the way the show had been edited though. Mongeau maintained that all she wants in life is to be a “nice person,” and by filming during her deepest rut, people saw the worst of her.

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“MTV wanted the drama, and I didn’t think the episode would end up the way it did,” she said. “There’s probably people who are still skeptical when it comes to that, but I know my truth to this.

“I hate that I filmed the show at such a bad time, when I wasn’t being nice all the time. I hate who I was at the time shooting the show. I wish that footage wasn’t out there, and I wish I didn’t give anyone the opportunity to edit me like that.”

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It comes after Mongeau faced backlash from fans over her treatment of friends in recent episodes. As people criticized her, she said the show is only a small snippet of her life, and everything she does outside of it is to help others.

“I just wanna focus on helping the world right now, and I hate this drama,” she said on March 24. “I’m literally sick at the way I look in the public eye right now.”

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