Logan Paul knocks man unconscious with one brutal slap

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul showed off how far along his slap boxing training has come by knocking a man out with one vicious slap.

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Logan Paul has been practicing for the Russian Slap Competition and posted a few update videos to Twitter showing how far along he has come.

His latest video, posted on May 22, just a day after he announced he’ll no longer be competing in the event, shows just how much damage he could deliver with a single slap.

“Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate event that took place during practice today, I have decided not to participate in the upcoming slap competition.”

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Despite no longer competing, Logan Paul still showed he can bring the pain, something fans have been aware of since his boxing match with KSI, by slapping a man so hard he went limp.

In his video, you can see him getting amped up to hit someone before hitting him with a mean open-hand right slap and knocking his opponent unconscious. 

“Yo, he’s out, roll him over, roll him over,” voices say off-screen.

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Logan’s good but was his proposed opponent better?

Logan Paul was gearing up to challenge Russian slap champion Vasily ‘Dumpling’ Pelmen to a battle.

Dumpling is a 370-pound juggernaut that left many Logan fans scared. While he shows he has that knock out power, it’s still hard to tell if he has the ability to bring down the Russian champ.

Logan Paul has proven his physical prowess in the past with boxing matches so it’s fair to assume he would’ve had a chance with the slap boxing event. Now it looks like fans won’t get the chance to find out.