RiceGum’s girlfriend loses it after catching him facetiming models on Twitch

YouTube: RiceGum / Instagram: MiaFrancis

YouTuber RiceGum found himself in hot water during his May 22 Twitch stream, after his girlfriend Abby Rao caught him facetiming Instagram models and asking lewd questions.

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RiceGum, real name Brian Le, first made his name on the internet through his livestreams, where he would often facetime women while playing Call of Duty in the background.

He took a break from that type of content for a while, as he focused on growing his YouTube channel and connections with FaZe Clan, but has brought back his old streams on a handful of occasions.

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RiceGum’s girlfriend, Abby Rao, called him ‘disrespectful’ for his on stream antics.

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Inviting models on, with the promise of free promotion for their social channels, RiceGum will typically ask questions from his chat – many of which are unsurprisingly crude.

However, it appears that RiceGum’s girlfriend, Abby Rao, was less than pleased with one model guest, heard screaming and insulting her in the background.

“I just watched the fucking stream, you dumb fuck, dumb whore, bitch!,” she exclaimed, as RiceGum pleaded with her to “chill”.

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Not happy with the situation, Abby then demanded RiceGum to end the call with the model, Mia Francis, and he obliged, saying he will call her back in two minutes.

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True to his word, RiceGum soon called Mia back, saying “Abby, if you’re watching, it’s not what it looks like – we’re just getting the stream lit!”

The stream was ended soon after as Abby took issue with RiceGum’s “disrespectful” behavior, but fans are expecting the ‘facetiming models’ streams to return soon to his Twitch channel.

RiceGum has also come under fire for his many YouTube videos which often use women stripping (usually taking off an item of clothing for every kill he gets in a game), with much of his audience believed to be very young.

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