Logan Paul incinerates $500k as fans fail Golden Prime bottle challenge

Daniel Appleford
Logan Paul Golden Prime BottleLogan Paul

Logan Paul melted the last remaining $500k Gold Prime bottle after fans failed to solve the code within 48 hours. 

In honor of selling 1 billion bottles of Prime Hydration, co-founders Logan Paul and KSI issued an exciting challenge for their fans: The task was deciphering the code that’d open a case containing the Golden Prime bottle. 

The lucky winner will walk away with a remarkable solid gold bottle valued at $500,000. But there was a catch – fans had to decipher the code within 48 hours to claim the prize. 

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Two children deciphered the code in the United Kingdom, leading to KSI crowning a winner for the London Golden Prime bottle. This meant that the bottle in New York was fated to be destroyed.

Logan Paul keeps his promise to melt $500k Golden Prime bottle

Logan Paul added one more contention, as if the 48-hour time limit for the Golden Prime bottle challenge wasn’t hard enough: Whichever bottle’s case was unlocked first would be the only one to survive.

As a result, the New York bottle was the one that’d be melted down, leaving only one true winner.

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Logan Paul reacted as he watched the Golden Prime bottle get melted down in a machine, something that he said ‘hurt’ to watch happen.

“Get closer; it’s melting; you can see it,” said Logan Paul. “Oh my gosh, that hurts. That’s $250,000 gone, gone just like that. No, no, no!”

The fate of the gold used to craft the Golden Prime bottle remains uncertain. As stated in the initial post, the bottle underwent dissolution in acid, something that’s been played up to have dissolved the gold entirely. It remains to be seen whether or not the $500k is truly lost forever.

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