Logan Paul humiliates KSI with random math quiz during press conference

. 3 years ago

It’s fight week: YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are gearing up to settle their grudge once and for all on November 9, which they discussed in a surprise press conference that took a surprising turn.

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Without warning, both YouTubers announced a third press conference on November 7, which promoter Eddie Hearn explained was not made public due to restricted media-only access.

After letting their coaches speak (which, of course, resulted in a threat from Shannon Briggs that he would break Viddal Riley’s jaw), KSI and Logan Paul engaged in their usual banter – but Paul flipped the script in a humorous way.

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KSI, Twitter
KSI and Logan Paul geared up for a media-only press conference during fight week.

After bemoaning that no press were asking them boxing-related questions, KSI began to taunt his enemy, asking him, “How much do you know about boxing?” – to which Paul had an unusual answer.

“You don’t know anything when it comes to anything,” Paul retorted. “You strike me as a dumb person. Do you know what ‘decapitate’ means? …do simple arithmetic for me. What is 7 x 8?”

Logan Paul, Instagram
Logan Paul is ready for more than just the ring – he’s also ready for rapid-fire math questions at any time.
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When KSI failed to reply right away, Paul answered the question for him, making a mockery of his silence to the crowd, who jeered at the Brit with cries of, “He can’t do math!”

“It’s 56,” Paul answered. “You f**king dumb***.”

That wasn’t the end of Paul’s quizzing, either: in fact, the stunt became a bit part throughout the press conference, with Paul interrupting prime talking points with basic math questions that KSI avoided answering.

(Timestamp: 28:55 for mobile viewers)

A reporter later asked the Maverick mogul about his seemingly stellar math skills, to which he replied: “Unlike my opponent, I have a very, very big brain.”

Although these antics are par for the course for these two internet stars, things got heated during their post-conference staredown, as KSI lashed out after engaging in heated discussion with his enemy, who dubbed his slap like that of a “mosquito.”

KSI, DAZN - YouTube
KSI lashed out at Logan Paul near the end of their surprise press conference.
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The YouTubers are scheduled to touch gloves for the final time on November 9 in the Los Angeles Staples Center, bringing an end to one of the internet’s most fearsome grudges to date – but the jury is still out on KSI’s math skills.

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