Logan Paul has lost millions on NFTs as collection valued after viral $10 meme

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s NFT collection is now reportedly worth less than $900k despite him initially purchasing it all for over $2.6 as the internet continues to clown his losses over a “$10” image.

When NFTs and cryptocurrencies exploded in popularity in 2021, a number of internet personalities jumped right in and started betting big on the new technology. Arguably the biggest of which was Logan Paul.

The ImPaulsive Podcast host launched his own NFT project – 99 Originals – and bought up plenty of images from other collections too, including a handful from the popular CryptoPunk and BoredApe lines.

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Back in December of 2021, Logan confirmed that, all in all, he had spent almost $2.7 million on his collection. However, it’s worth far less than that at this point, as some have taken a deep dive into his images after he’s been routinely clowned for owning a “$10 NFT.”

Logan Paul down around $1.8 million on NFT collection

With the image of Logan’s 0N1 Force NFT – the Bumblee image – routinely going viral on social media for apparently being worth $10 now, after originally being bought for $623,000, Yahoo Finance took a look at things.

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According to their report, which uses numbers from DappRadar, Logan’s NFT portfolio is now worth around $889k. That’s a far cry from the initial $2.7 million he dropped on it in the first place and represents a loss of around $1.8 million.

While some of his bigger items retained a little bit of value compared to their initial price, it’s his lesser-known NFTs that are seemingly dragging the price down. Some collections may have started in the few hundred dollar regions, but are now worth single figures.

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Logan paul NFT collection with prices and imagesScreenshot via DappRadar
Logan’s NFT collection has certainly nosedived in price.

As Yahoo notes, there are plenty of disagreements around DappRadar’s pricing of items, as some believe that part of Logan’s portfolio is still a bit overvalued.

When it comes to his infamous $10 NFT, DappRadar values that at around $7,700 dollars, which still represents a significant loss on his initial investment.

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