Logan Paul explains why he messed up by taking shots at comedian Chris D’Elia

Published: 15/Dec/2018 16:09 Updated: 15/Dec/2018 16:12

by Connor Bennett


Logan Paul admitted that he messed up by attempting to roast professional comedian Chris D’Elia on Twitter earlier this year.  

The YouTuber and comedian got into a war of words last May when Paul took a shot at D’Elia after he replied to one of his tweets. Paul tweeted that his upcoming vlog was going to be his last, to which D’Elia responded that it wasn’t. Trying to response, Paul said: “I’m laughing cuz now I know why your comedy career took a dive.”

However, the comedian’s response, which went viral, completely shut Logan down. “At least when my career dies you can film it and put it on YouTube,” D’Elia responded. The pair continued to go back and forth over a few tweets before the beef died down.

Breaking down the interaction on his imPaulsive podcast with former-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, a friend of D’Elia’s, Paul revealed that he was trying to get the comedian on his podcast, but had completely messed up by trying to take a shot at him earlier this year.  

“And I know that (he’s hilarious) because I’m a Chris D’Elia fan. But, for some reason in my angry phase of this year, I decided to take a shot at a real-life comedian. What the fuck was I thinking?!,” Paul said.

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“I’ve never been taken to Denny’s but this man Grand Slammed me and I am not going back there. The worst part about this is like, bro, I’m a Chris D’Elia fan. I’m just being roasted by this dude that I like respect and it’s my fault!”

With the YouTuber trying to get the Comedian on his growing podcast and being extremely complimentary of him, their beef seems to not have lasted any longer than that initial interaction. However, it will be interesting to see if D’Elia has another response to Paul’s explanation.


Addison Rae blasts Ava Louise for publicly flirting with Bryce Hall

Published: 17/Jan/2021 22:22

by Charlotte Colombo


After TikTok star Ava Louise appeared to publicly shoot her shot with Bryce Hall over on Instagram, his girlfriend Addison Rae made sure to mark her territory with some loved-up snaps.

TikToker Ava Louise has been making waves on social media today after a series of bizarre posts, with several of them appearing to be aimed at Sway House member and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall.

Being sure to tag Bryce Hall, Ava Louise appeared to share a series of sexually explicit messages directed towards the influencer, telling Hall that she “wanted to have sex” with him, “didn’t care” that he had a girlfriend and even hinting that she DM’d him explicit material from her OnlyFans account.

It appears that Addison Rae got wind of the flirty posts, and while she didn’t comment on the situation directly, she jokingly posted a photo of herself hugging a grinning Hall while she pouted. Seemingly making sure Ava knew where Hall stood, she captioned the photo as “mine.” As well as commenting on Rae’s photo affirming that she’s his “baby forever”, Hall posted a photo of the two of his own around the same time.


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However, even this didn’t seem to deter Ava, as she commented on Rae’s post offering to “share” Hall, remarking that she thinks Addison is “hot” too.

With drama page TikTok Room updating fans on the situation, it didn’t take long for celebrity columnist Perez Hilton to weigh in on the situation, as he suggested that Ava Louise was “a better fit” for Hall than Rae was.

This in turn attracted the attention of Bryce Hall’s mom, Leah Hall, who was quick to call out Hilton for his comment by asking him: “Why would you say that?”.

Given the bizarre nature of the messages Ava was sharing, fans began to suspect that her Instagram account had been hacked. As well as posting about Bryce Hall, the account also referred to other TikTok stars like Tony Lopez and Dixie D’Amelio.

As well as joking that Tony Lopez had “blocked her because she was over the age of consent,” Ava also appeared to proposition Dixie D’Amelio. Tagging D’Amelio in her Instagram story, Ava said that she knew Dixie “played for the other team” and made an explicit proposition to her.

While Ava appeared to rebuke claims that she had been hacked – saying in an Instagram comment that she was “not hacked, just h***y” – fans remain unconvinced.