Logan Paul explains why he messed up by taking shots at comedian Chris D’Elia

Youtube: Logan Paul/Twitter: Chris D'Elia

Logan Paul admitted that he messed up by attempting to roast professional comedian Chris D’Elia on Twitter earlier this year.  

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The YouTuber and comedian got into a war of words last May when Paul took a shot at D’Elia after he replied to one of his tweets. Paul tweeted that his upcoming vlog was going to be his last, to which D’Elia responded that it wasn’t. Trying to response, Paul said: “I’m laughing cuz now I know why your comedy career took a dive.”

However, the comedian’s response, which went viral, completely shut Logan down. “At least when my career dies you can film it and put it on YouTube,” D’Elia responded. The pair continued to go back and forth over a few tweets before the beef died down.

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Breaking down the interaction on his imPaulsive podcast with former-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, a friend of D’Elia’s, Paul revealed that he was trying to get the comedian on his podcast, but had completely messed up by trying to take a shot at him earlier this year.  

“And I know that (he’s hilarious) because I’m a Chris D’Elia fan. But, for some reason in my angry phase of this year, I decided to take a shot at a real-life comedian. What the fuck was I thinking?!,” Paul said.

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“I’ve never been taken to Denny’s but this man Grand Slammed me and I am not going back there. The worst part about this is like, bro, I’m a Chris D’Elia fan. I’m just being roasted by this dude that I like respect and it’s my fault!”

With the YouTuber trying to get the Comedian on his growing podcast and being extremely complimentary of him, their beef seems to not have lasted any longer than that initial interaction. However, it will be interesting to see if D’Elia has another response to Paul’s explanation.

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