Logan Paul hits back at Floyd Mayweather claims over boxing rematch

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather talking into microphonesYouTube: True Geordie/Fight Hub TV

Logan Paul has hit back at Floyd Mayweather’s claims that the YouTuber has asked for a rematch of their 2021 fight, with Logan claiming it’s Floyd who actually asked him. 

It’s been over a year since Logan Paul and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather squared off in their highly-anticipated exhibition bout, but there’s still been plenty of fallout.

Over the last few months, Logan has claimed that he’s still owed a sizable chunk of his pay from the fight – in the region of $5 million – and has threatened to take the boxing icon to court over it. Though, he has also admitted that he’s unsure if it’s Floyd or someone else who has to pay him up.

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On top of that, Floyd recently claimed that the imPaulsive host has asked for a rematch of their exhibition, and is eager to do it. However, Logan has claimed that he isn’t the one asking for a do-over.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Mayweather had a huge bout with Logan Paul in 2021.

The YouTuber appeared on True Geordie’s podcast on June 19, where he once again called out ‘Money’ for not paying him for the fight. He even urged Floyd to invest in his Prime drinking company as a way to pay him up.

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“He went on a press conference or something the other day and he had the audacity to tell the media that I asked for a rematch. Let me just set the record straight, why the f**k would I ask for a rematch with someone who doesn’t pay you for the fight? ” Logan told the podcast host.

“Second off, they asked us for a rematch. He was supposed to fight on top of the Burj Al-Arab – the seven-star hotel with a helipad up top. Would have been amazing,” he added.

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Logan claimed that he got a call about the rematch in April as he was asked to fill in for Don Moore – who Floyd eventually beat on May 21 – but he “hung up” and demanded his money from the first fight.

With Mayweather slated for another exhibition bout in September, it’s unlikely he’ll fight Logan anytime soon. Though, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them eventually square off again, given all the drama surrounding the pair.

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