Shane Dawson leaks more details for his mysterious ‘Conspiracy’ docuseries

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson released an official trailer for his upcoming docuseries on January 19 – but that wasn’t the end of the reveals.

Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem got in touch with Dawson out of curiosity, hoping to get a first glimpse into what the series is really about. According to text messages between the two YouTubers, Dawson’s series will “expose a fake YouTube relationship” – as well as “expose a company,” which Dawson claimed could get him sued.

Additionally, Dawson sent KEEMSTAR yet another trailer for the series, which KEEM included as part of his Drama Alert segment.

While the trailer in question features stock footage of a flying jet, a creepy baby doll, and a sign denoting Area 51, it also gave a glimpse into Dawson’s previous interview with Hollywood Life – specifically when the host asked Dawson about his earlier series over YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star.

While it is unclear if this segment hints at an important facet of Dawson’s upcoming documentary, his initial trailer denoted a deep dive into next-gen technology – more specifically, into possible privacy breaches created by such technology.

Featuring such tech as DeepFakes, facial recognition, and the Amazon Echo, Dawson’s series could very well expose a major tech company (although the “fake YouTube relationship” has yet to be determined from what evidence fans have thus far).

The two-part series is set to drop on Wednesday, January 30, with episodes possibly running over two hours long, according to Dawson’s previous Tweets on the subject.

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