Deji opens up about feud with KSI for the first time after making apology video

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Deji Olatunji has spoken out about his month-long feud with older brother ‘KSI,’ which came to a halt after he uploaded an apology video in early January.

Deji reacted to various memes joking about his feud in a video on January 19, which marked his first upload since going dark on his main channel.

Deji had a good laugh at a few of the memes, admitting that he and his brother are now on good terms after their vicious spat in late 2018.

“Listen, alright, we’re cool now,” Deji explained through laughter. “Me and JJ, we’re cool. Brothers fight, alright, at the end of the day. I know it spiraled out a bit out of control, but brothers fight.”

Deji likewise poked fun at his massive loss in subscribers during their fight, which saw him lose over 65,000 subs in the last thirty days (as presented by Social Blade as of January 19).

The brothers’ spat began after Deji leaked KSI’s bank records for a diss track in late November, after which he accused his brother of getting a girl pregnant. The two went back and forth for nearly a month, with Deji even creating a diss track against his brother named ‘Unforgivable,’ as well as appearing on Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast to discuss the feud.

Deji has since deleted the diss track, following a phone call with Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR and a message from the brothers’ parents, who claimed that their home was being targeted by angry fans.

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