Logan Paul “almost died” in terrifying dune buggy crash with girlfriend

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logan paul says he nearly died in crash

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has revealed that he “almost died” after he flipped a dune buggy with his girlfriend inside in a horrific accident.

From boxing to competing in WWE to even hosting a slap championship with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Logan Paul has done it all. But he nearly lost it all when he crashed a golf buggy with his girlfriend Nina Agdal inside.

During the vlatest episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul revealed that he’d lost his girlfriend’s trust after promising her that he wouldn’t flip a buggy at his ranch in LA.

Sure enough, not four minutes from making that promise, he broke it and nearly ended up breaking himself in half.

Logan Paul says he “almost died” in brutal accident

“We’re driving the razor, Polaris RZR, off-road four-wheel dune buggy,” Logan explained. “I love these things. The two-seaters though are a little dangerous. And I say that because pretty much everyone who’s ever driven it flips. Except me, because I’m very good at driving these things. Or so I thought.”

According to Logan, he ended up rolling the razor after going too fast around a turn and slammed on the brakes.

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“It was horrifying, and we knew I was going too fast. I hadn’t driven it in awhile, it had just rained, the roads weren’t to be trusted. I hadn’t been there in awhile, so the roads had eroded in a way I wasn’t familiar with,” he added. “It was really bad.”

The YouTuber went on to say that he knew the severity of the situation as he had just promised his girlfriend he wouldn’t flip the buggy, and when they landed, he was lucky to be alive.

Logan said he had landed on the side of the ground while his girlfriend was suspended in the air, but still “relatively okay.”

“There was music playing,” the boxer continued. “F**king Post Malone ‘Rich & Sad’ was the song that was playing that I almost died to!”

In the end, Logan and Agdal were okay, but the crash seems to have done more harm to their relationship than their bodies.

Still, as the influencer noted, the accident could have ended much worse, and says that this will need to be something he will need to overcome.

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