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Logan and Jake Paul have a hilarious method for dodging the paparazzi

Published: 22/Dec/2018 19:24

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTubers Logan and Jake Paul were approached for an interview by the Hollywood Fix during an outing on December 21 – and they had a clever way of avoiding the outlet’s questions.

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An interviewer for the Fix asked Jake about his relationship with ex-girlfriend and model Erika Costell, placing special emphasis on her alleged sex tape that was leaked in early December (which was later discovered to have featured Instagram model Niykki Heaton, instead).

Jake dodged the question by referring to Logan, who he playfully dubbed as his “PR team” in an effort to avoid the query.


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“He’s gonna ‘skrrt’ that one,” Logan answered, gesturing as if driving a car. “My client cannot answer any of these questions, unfortunately. I’m here to tell you he loves the fans.”

The reporter went on to follow the brothers outside of a store, where he asked Jake about the upcoming reorganization of his talent agency, Team 10.

“Can I stop you for a second?” Jake interrupted. “I don’t do drugs.” He then sprinted away from the camera, quickly followed by two children who were with the group.

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The reporter went on to ask Logan about Team 10, instead – but the oldest Paul brother had a similar response.

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“My brother doesn’t do drugs,” Logan retorted before darting out of view, much to the interviewer’s apparent surprise.

Jake went on to upload the encounter to Twitter, captioning the video, “Don’t do drugs, kids.”