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Little girl destroys Dr DisRespect over his new GFUEL shaker cup

Published: 29/Nov/2018 11:47 Updated: 29/Nov/2018 12:48

by Matt Porter


Dr DisRespect may be the king of violence, speed and momentum, but it was the small daughter of a member of the Champions Club who destroyed the popular streamer on Wednesday, November 28.

The Doc was scrolling through his social media accounts looking at posts he had been tagged in by members of his community, when he saw a Twitter video with a young girl holding on of his new shaker cups.

Thinking that this would be a cute video, Dr DisRespect immediately clicked on the video to listen to it, but as it turned out, The Doc wouldn’t like what he was about to hear.

Jokes have been flying around ever since Doc showed off his new G FUEL shaker cup on stream. When he revealed his new shaker on stream, the image was flipped meaning that “The Doc” moniker which was seen on the side of the cup appeared to say “Dog Shit”, a gag which The Doc has helped keep going.

Dr DisRespect and his “The Doc” shaker cup.

“What does it say?” asked the father to his daughter. “Dog shit,” came the response from the young girl, much to the shock of The Doc, who looked on in shock as the child giggled at her quip.

Her father tried to convince her otherwise, saying: “No, not dog shit, The Doc,” but the child wasn’t interested, stating: “No it’s not!”

“No, it says The Doc,” said an exasperated Dr DisRespect, pretending to be upset by the clip. “It says The Doc! You knock it off, you hurt my feelings!”

While The Doc is acting like this hilarious banter annoys him, the popular streamer has been using it to promote his new line of shaker cups, playing clips like this and regularly responding to comments about it.

However, we’re willing to bet that the G FUEL design team will be testing out what the design looks like flipped before they release the next Dr Disrespect shaker cup!


Inside Drake’s plane: $220 million Air Drake jet revealed

Published: 28/Oct/2020 12:36

by Kieran Bicknell


It’s not news to anyone that Drake is one of the most successful musicians of his generation. When you’re that famous, the job perks are impressive – such as his custom Boeing 767 jet, nicknamed ‘Air Drake’.

With a net worth of between $150-$200 million depending on who you ask, it’s safe to say Drake has made a success out of his musical career. Of course, such a star needs a way of getting around in style, and alongside his impressive car collection, he has ‘Air Drake.’

Interestingly, Drake was actually given the jet free of charge. Fellow Canadians Cargojet gifted the ex-cargo plane to Drizzy in a publicity deal, so long as it gets plastered all over his social media.

Given that the jet itself would’ve cost somewhere around the $100m mark, the additional customization allegedly cost between $80 and $100m, to make it Drake’s very own. In total, that’s around $220m of private jet for free, not to mention the incredible custom OVO-inspired finish by designer Virgil Abloh.

Air drake on runway
Youtube: TheRichest
The ‘Air Drake’ Boeing 767 is instantly recognizable wherever it goes.

Inside Drake’s private jet

In revenue-earning service, the Boeing 767 can carry over 200 passengers, but Drake has only 30 seats on his luxury jet.

The entire interior of the plane has been gutted and custom-built for the rapper. Wood paneling, leather, and gold finishes are found almost everywhere. With his lavish lifestyle, all the fittings are likely the best on the market.

There is also an abundance of mirrors aboard Air Drake, mimicking the style of his massive $100m Toronto mansion. Given how much he travels, it makes sense for the star to have ‘home away from home.’

In terms of layout on board, Air Drake really is a ‘hotel in the sky.’ The jet has a full-size bedroom suite with a king-sized bed, two living rooms, a business lounge, and a number of fully-fitted bathrooms.

Drake has previously boasted about “never” having to share the jet with anyone else, and he can take off whenever he likes (subject to flight planning). Given that chartering a similar-sized plane can cost up to $18,000 an hour, Drake is likely saving a lot of money by using his private plane.

Alongside its use for travel, the plane is also a fantastic marketing tool for Drake. With its’ instantly-recognizable design, there is never any doubt when Drake is in town – just check the local airport.