Ronaldinho joins Ibai’s Kings League team on Twitch & the internet is stunned

Ibai and Ronaldinho in Porcinos FC jerseyTwitter: Ibai

Football legend Ronaldinho has been revealed as the newest name to join Ibai’s Kings League team, as the Spanish Twitch league continues to dominate. 

Even though Twitch has its roots in gaming, it has also become a platform for sports and sporting events held by content creators from across the globe.

A number of professional leagues have started using Twitch as an alternative stream for games – even if they don’t show the event, and only commentate on it – but the Kings League has broken that mold a bit. 

The league, which involves some of Spain’s biggest streamers, including Ibai, has also gotten some footballing icons involved too – as well as an unnamed current pro. Barcelona legend Gerard Pique is the president, Iker Casillas has jumped in goal for his team, and Sergio Aguero has bagged a few goals for his Kunisports squad. 

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Ronaldinho joins Ibai’s Porcinos FC for Kings League

However, they’ve pretty much all been overshadowed by the arrival of Ibai’s newest signing, as he’s managed to sign up Brazilian legend Ronaldinho for Porcinos FC. 

The Spanish streamer revealed the signing just ahead of the next round of games on February 23, as he and Pique ‘complained’ that they couldn’t sign anyone for the team before bumping into the World Cup and Balon D’or winner.

Naturally, fans have been pretty blown away by the announcement, as the video has racked up close to 1 million views on Twitter alone. 

“This is internet history,” said one. “Seeing the player who made me love football again is something I never imagined. The best circuit in the world without a doubt. Thank you,” added another. “Joga Bonito made it to the Kings League! Seeing him do magic will be epic!!,” commented another.

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When will Ronaldinho play in Kings League on Twitch? 

According to Spanish sports newspaper AS, the 42-year-old icon could make his debut for Porcinos FC as soon as Sunday, February 26.

It’s unknown if he’ll be a long-term player in the Twitch league, or if he’ll just play for one game before moving on like others, but it’s sure to be a massive event either way.