Hasan trolled by Linus Tech Tips with hilarious custom PC Easter Egg

Hasan Twitch Streamer Linus Tech Tips YouTube Custom PC BuildTwitch: HasanAbi/YouTube: Linus Tech Tips

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker was shocked after finding out his custom PC, built by YouTuber Linus Tech Tips, has a few unexpected Easter Eggs thrown in.

Hasan has been expecting a new custom computer from popular YouTuber Linus Tech Tips, but the update he got on his new PC wasn’t exactly what he expected.

While Hasan was streaming on October 15, Linus mentioned there would be a few features for the machine that Hasan wasn’t expecting.

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Hasan’s custom-made PC from Linus will come with a few easter eggs built-in.

Linus trolls Hasan with custom-build PC

During Linus’ podcast, The Wan Show, he talked about what Hasan should expect from the PC, and said: “There’s gonna be some inconveniences when Hasan gets it. There’s gonna be some stuff that is not the best. I don’t know that he has the technical know-how to fix it.”

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“For example,” he revealed, “every time you boot it up, you get to listen to not just a little bit of, but the entire Soviet Union national anthem.”

Linus continued, “And if you try to cancel it [the anthem], your Windows Explorer will not load and you will have to reboot your computer and sit through it.”

Hasan was shocked at the hilarious dig and said, “Wait, is he serious?! What the f**k! No shot.”

That wasn’t the only Easter egg Linus managed to pack into Hasan’s new computer, however.

Linus also revealed that “It’s the left-leaning PC, it literally leans to the left. We took two of the feet off, and we are not shipping Hasan the feet. There’s no ‘Haha, just kidding, put the feet back on,’ this is literally a $5,000, $6,000 computer that is missing two of the feet on the case.”

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Hasan again couldn’t believe the massive trolling Linus has pulled on him, and shouted, “What the f**k, dude!”

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When the full video of Linus building Hasan’s PC drops, we will finally see how the tech wizard pulled off one of the best trolls in a long, long time.