LGBT streamer asks Twitch to reverse ban after using slur

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch bans LGBT streamer

An LGBT Twitch streamer is hitting out at the platform for banning her after using a slur she claims was for “reclamation” purposes.

Twitch has had its fair share of controversy over slurs in the past few months, beginning with popular streamer Hasan Piker getting banned for using the word “cracker.”

This has continued into 2022 with others such as JustaMinx being suspended for using the controversial word on stream.

Now, another streamer has been given a seven day suspension, this time for using a derogatory LGBT slur, but she says she was within her right to use it.

Streamer banned for LGBT slur

On April 10, streamer MaddieTheLesbian revealed that Twitch had banned her for seven days after she used a slur in chat while having an “educational discussion on what reclamation is.”

“So Twitch Support, is there a REASON I’m banned for saying the word in a chat I mod when reclamation is within TOS?” she asked. “I’ve never done anything wrong and this was INSTANT. 7 days without streaming will destroy me.”

She further stressed that she was worried the ban would take a serious mental toll on her and that it threatened her partnership with Epic Games and put her income at risk.

“All from an automated ban. It’s disgusting. Twitch, your TOS allows for reclamation of slurs,” she blasted.

In a blog post, the company stated that it would allow the use of some terms that could be used as slurs, “as not to alienate or limit the expression of communities on Twitch.”

As of April 12, Maddie’s channel has still not been restored and she says she is still waiting for her appeal to be processed.

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