Twitch streamer goes viral for turning their bedroom into a literal rave with pyro & lasers

Twitch: Crossmauz

A 15-year-old Twitch streamer ‘Crossmauz’ has gone atmospherically viral with a clip from his chaotic livestreams reaching millions of people in a handful of hours.

 warning: Videos linked within this article contain flashing lights and intense strobes.

Breaking all the rules, German Twitch streamer Crossmauz decided not to go big or go home, instead managing to do both in a series of insane videos.

Playing Modern Warfare 2, the streamer’s unique entertainment caught the eye of Twitter user ‘PJ’ kittyzandpichu.

PJ claimed to have been killed by Crossmauz in a casual game of Modern Warfare 2. Seeing a gamertag with a Twitch name in it, PJ checked out the stream and clipped the unreal video.

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In undeniably German fashion, the 15-year-old DJ hosts raves in what appears to be the family basement. Equipped with pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, and a microphone, the videos are fresh out of every neighbor’s worst nightmare.

Playing a mixture of Hardstyle and Horrorcore, Crossmauz is a frantic ball of energy throughout his multiple hour-long streams. With an attached heart rate monitor rarely falling below 150.

Users on Twitter have reacted in massive numbers to the infectious flailings of the DJ. With comments in support of the rare display of unbridled joy coming in from all over the world.

“Well this kid’s just living his best life isn’t he? The pyrotechnics might be a bit much, but the world would be a better place if we all had a fraction of this kid’s energy”

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This isn’t the first time Crossmauz has captured the attention of users on Twitter, with ‘AnderFounts’ quick to point out “Wait this is the same kid from this!” while posting another video of Crossmauz throwing his signature moves, except this time wielding a spotlight bigger than his head.

While certainly boosting his profile, it’s hard to imagine that the German DJ and streamer is faking energy for the clout. Instead, this appears to be a case of someone authentically living their high-energy life to the full, and Twitter is here for it.