League of Legends pro Sneaky reveals stunning Mashu maid cosplay

Takeuchi Takashi / LoL Esports

Cloud9’s Zack ‘cosplays when he gave his rendition of a popular character from Fate/Grand Order.

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North American pro League of Legends player Sneaky has shown incredible talent on the Rift throughout his career, but he also puts on some of the most immaculate cosplays to come out.

Following up his glorious Pretty Kitty costume which he released in time for Riot Game’s Cats vs Dogs event, Sneaky has given into his cleaner side with a new cosplay that shows Mashu Kyrielight in a maid outfit.

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Sneaky TwitterSneaky’s Pretty Kitty cosplay was purrfect for League of Legends’ Cats vs Dogs event.

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In a May 13 Twitter post, Sneaky gave a full look at his dazzling outfit that shows him in a purple and black maid outfit but with hair and makeup which makes him a mirror image of Mashu.

With a full collage showing off various angles of the cosplay, Sneaky had a cheeky intro for the design saying: “Mashu maid at your service, I spill stuff quite often.”

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His Mashu Maid outfit was met with tons of support and praise from the community, with all sorts of people chiming in at yet another astonishing transformation that the ADC pro player went through.

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“Y’all out here taking Snapchat filters while Sneaky is showing his whole ass and I’m here for it,” esports insider Rob ‘Slasher’ Breslau said.

Sneaky’s incredible cosplays featuring Kai’Sa, Soraka and more

While some of Sneaky’s most memorable moments in his career come from his time playing League of Legends, the pro player has actually earned a huge following for numerous daring cosplays each outdoing the last.

Taking inspiration from League of Legends characters and other video games, Sneaky has had a lot of popular cosplays featuring Soraka, Tamamo no Mae, Pool Party Ahri and even K/DA Kai’Sa.

Esther LynnSneaky cosplayed with his girlfriend and makeup artist Esther Lynn as K/DA Kai’Sa (left) and K/DA Ahri (right).

Sneaky is actually known for being an electrifying Kai’Sa player, but his fans were stunned when he debuted the full look for the Daughter of the Void.

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His take on Mashu will probably be a fan favorite in the foreseeable future until the pro player shows how what else he has in store for the next cosplay.