LeafyIsHere reveals he was arrested by police and spent time in jail

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Calvin ‘LeafyIsHere‘ Vail revealed in a series of Instagram stories that he was recently arrested by police and spent time in jail after getting pulled over.

YouTuber LeafyIsHere saw his account removed in 2020 after uploading a series of videos mocking Twitch star Pokimane. He made a brief appearance in January 2022 with a new podcast, but YouTube quickly removed that channel for violating the Terms of Service.

However, he has maintained a social media presence on Instagram since then.

On September 12, Leafy uploaded a series of Instagram Stories revealing that he was arrested by police and spent time in jail for not paying a speeding ticket.

Leafy reveals he was arrested by police

In the videos, Leafy reveals that he was pulled over while driving and was arrested for not paying a speeding ticket.

On top of that, his car was towed away from the scene.

“I didn’t pay one speeding ticket, next thing you know ‘put your hands behind your back.’ Had to spend a few days [in jail]. Not a fun experience, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone,” he revealed.

In his other stories, he revealed that he got his car back after being released and doesn’t plan on going back to jail anytime soon.

While his other social media profiles have either been suspended or deleted entirely, Leafy has maintained 100,000 followers on Instagram with over 15,000 likes on his post announcing he was released from jail.

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