LeafyIsHere returns to YouTube to address past Pokimane drama: “Wasn’t even that toxic”

YouTuber LeafyIsHere next to Twitch streamer PokimaneYouTuber: LeafyIsHere / Pokimane

LeafyIsHere defended his criticism of Twitch star Pokimane in his return to YouTube. The 26-year-old claims his videos about the OfflineTV streamer shouldn’t have gotten him banned in 2020.

In August 2020, Calvin ‘LeafyIsHere‘ Vail found his YouTube channel permanently banned off the platform after making a series of videos heavily criticizing Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.

Over a year after the indefinite suspension, the content creator made his return to YouTube on January 7, 2022, with a new podcast. Leafy used the first episode to defend his drama with the OfflineTV streamer.

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YouTube: LeafyIsHere
Leafy addressed his Pokimane videos in his return to YouTube.

Leafy says he shouldn’t have been banned for Pokimane drama

In his first video back on YouTube since his ban in 2020, LeafyIsHere launched his new ‘LeafyCast‘ podcast series. During the upload, the content creator addressed being banned on YouTube and argued that his series on Pokimane wasn’t that bad.

“I then turned my attention towards Pokimane. YEAH, GREAT STREAMER. I offered her words of encouragement in 2020. And people seemed to love my words of encouragement. So how did I even get banned for this? It wasn’t even that toxic. Are you serious? They really made it out like I was going around insulting people as hard as I possibly could. This is so f**king whack,” the YouTuber exclaimed.

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Even though the drama with the Twitch star led to his channel being removed, Leafy revealed that he had no regrets making videos about the streamer. “Even though this all blew up in my face, it was totally worth it. Getting banned is not fun at all. It starts to get under your skin, especially when it’s bulls**t,” he said.

LeafyIsHere also opened up about getting banned on Twitch and Twitter as well following his removal from YouTube. Despite everything, the content creator claims that his video series on Pokimane was a “high point” of his career.

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“It’s another thing when your account gets sniped and you are on a high note. When viewers love your content and you just get cooled. It’s just like extra disgusting,” he said. At the time of writing, his main account is still banned.

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