YouTuber LeafyIsHere returns to Twitter after year-long ban

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Controversial figure and content creator LeafyIsHere has come back to Twitter, with the streamer making his presence known on the platform for the first time in almost a year.

LeafyIsHere is known for being one of the most controversial content creators on social media. After being banned from the likes of YouTube and other platforms, Leafy has seemingly been allowed back on Twitter, posting for the first time in almost over a year.

Before his new tweets, Leafy was last active on Twitter in May 2022. However, the content creator announced his return in April 2023, tweeting out “thank f**k for Elon Musk lol.”

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Since this initial tweet, LeafyIsHere has gone on to post a series of other comments, images as well as replying to other users cheering him on for being back on Twitter.

Time will tell what this return means. With so many streamers making the jump to Kick, this could even mean that he will be one of the big names who have been rumored to be making the transition over to the platform.

YouTuber LeafyIsHere saw his account removed in 2020 after uploading a series of videos mocking Twitch star Pokimane. He made a brief appearance in January 2022 with a new podcast, but YouTube quickly removed that channel for violating the Terms of Service. The content creator was also banned from Twitch back in 2020.

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Over a year after the indefinite suspension, Leafy return to YouTube on January 7, 2022, with a new podcast. In the epsisde, Leafy defended his drama with the OfflineTV streamer.

“I then turned my attention towards Pokimane. YEAH, GREAT STREAMER. I offered her words of encouragement in 2020. And people seemed to love my words of encouragement. So how did I even get banned for this? It wasn’t even that toxic. Are you serious? They really made it out like I was going around insulting people as hard as I possibly could. This is so f**king whack,” the YouTuber exclaimed.

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However, he has maintained a social media presence on Instagram since then. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on LeafyIsHere’s new movements on Twitter as well as any other content that they decide to put out.

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