LA barber goes viral after leaked DMs reveal he’s charging $1000+ for single haircut

Virginia Glaze

An LA-based barber is taking social media by storm after leaked DMs revealed he was charging clients over $1,000 for a single haircut, leaving netizens in shock.

Depending on where one lives, haircuts can cost a pretty penny — but one barber’s eye-popping prices are throwing social media users for a loop.

The whole situation started thanks to a tweet posted by user ‘Myneuver,’ who showed a screenshot of a text exchange between himself and his barber.

The conversation began with the poster sharing their address, which is based out of Calabasas, California. It’s no secret that Southern California is an expensive place to live… but what the barber said in response has even Angelinos scratching their heads.

A good haircut is worth its weight in gold… but one barber’s prices are shocki

LA barber outrages internet charging over $1000 for haircut

“Alright cool, you’re about 50 minutes from me,” the barber replied before sharing his prices.

“For house calls, I charge $350 an hour, plus a $1,000 travel fee,” he wrote. “Taper fade, line up and beard trim will take two and a half to three hours, so it’ll be $1,150.”

The posted captioned the text messages, “Barbers in LA are insane” — and it looks like quite a few commenters are agreeing with him.

“I wanna know who’s saying yes to this, ’cause unless you’re going in bald and leaving with a full head of hair, this is wild af,” one user wrote.

“Three hours FOR A TAPER AND BEARD LINE UP?” another exclaimed. “I’m bald so I’ve been out the game for a while, but back in my day, the longer a haircut took, the more that barber was f*ckin’ up.”

“I better be getting lined up with king Neptune’s trident,” another joked.

It’s clear that the internet is aghast at this barber’s fees — and considering that the average cost of the mens’ haircut in America is around $40, this certainly seems like an upcharge of the highest level.

This isn’t the first time an outrageously-priced service outraged the internet; in May, a private chef took TikTok by storm after claiming she made a $2,000 pizza for one of her celebrity clients.