Kylie Jenner has perfect reaction to TikToker making fun of her baby name

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Kylie Jenner couldn’t contain her laughter at a TikToker’s humorous rendition of how she and Travis Scott went about choosing a name for their baby son.

Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child into the world with partner Travis Scott in February 2022.

At first, the couple claimed their baby boy’s name was Wolf Webster — a choice that fans couldn’t help but poke fun of. On her part, Kylie claimed that the name was the result of a last-minute decision in the hospital to get something on the birth certificate.

Nearly a year later, Kylie revealed that she and Scott have finally chosen a name for their son: Aire, pronounced like the word, ‘Air.’

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This name has also prompted a few jokes among Kylie’s fanbase, and one TikToker couldn’t help but compare Kylie and Travis’s naming decision to the opening credits of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Kylie Jenner responds after TikToker pokes fun at her baby’s name

TikTok star ‘Simzy’ uploaded a humorous skit acting out the scene, which he captioned: “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott deciding on a baby name.” In the clip, Kylie (portrayed by Simzy) suggests the four different elements to Scott, who has some sort of epiphany when she finally lands on ‘air.’

At the time of writing, Simzy’s video has racked up over 19 million views — and it even caught the attention of Kylie, herself, who had an equally hilarious reaction to the joke.

In fact, the socialite left a string of crying laughing emojis in the comment section, clearly amused at the TikToker’s take on her and Scott’s naming process.

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Of course, commenters are sharing their own jokes about the situation as a result, with one user saying: “I hope Stormi and Aire don’t fight or there will be a tornado.”

This is just the latest Kardashian-Jenner hilarity to take over TikTok after North West transformed herself into her father with a near-perfect face filter.

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