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KSI’s beef with Joe Weller takes a hilarious turn

Published: 14/Jan/2019 10:30 Updated: 14/Jan/2019 10:36

by Matt Porter


It seems the rivalry between Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and Joe Weller isn’t over yet, as their epic feud continued thanks to a hilarious video uploaded by KSI on Sunday, January 13.

While the pair have mostly refrained from commenting about each other since their boxing match back in February 2018, Olatunji reacted to a video that showed Weller in another fight, taking on F2 Freestylers’ Jeremy Lynch in an incredibly slippy ring.


The video of KSI mocking Weller and Lynch for their contest prompted Joe to respond, and took the rivalry between the pair to funny new heights.

While claiming that KSI was still obsessed with him and was “petty”, Weller stated that he was going to stoop to the same level – by playing an unreleased KSI track that the YouTuber had decided to not make public.


“How does he have this?” asked KSI to Andrew ‘Randolph’ Shane, who has worked with the Englishman on previous tracks. “We never finished this track! It was a parody track, none of the lyrics are real.”

While Weller made fun of the pair for the song, dissecting the lyrics and criticizing them, KSI feels like his rival missed the point, explaining that the track was created as part of his parody rap group with Randolph back in 2013, and the songs were never meant to be taken seriously.


At the end of the video, Joe Weller states that he is happy to leave the beef in the past, but if Olatunji was to respond, he does have one more thing he could release, prompting KSI to say: “I want to know what it is. Let’s do it!”


For those hoping for a rematch of their boxing fight, which KSI won by technical knockout in round 3, it seems you will likely be disappointed, as Olatunji is currently slated to face Logan Paul for a second time later in 2019.