KSI Went on Tinder as 'The Boxing Champ' in a Prank Video - and Made Some Unlikely Matches - Dexerto

KSI Went on Tinder as ‘The Boxing Champ’ in a Prank Video – and Made Some Unlikely Matches

Published: 6/Sep/2018 18:16 Updated: 6/Sep/2018 18:27

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and white-collar boxer KSI decided to go on Tinder as ‘The Boxing Champ’ in a prank video – and ended up having some hilarious encounters.

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Since his boxing match with Logan Paul, KSI felt that he’d earned some newfound fame, and decided to take to the location-based dating app Tinder to test his luck in romance.

Of course, that meant creating a profile on the platform – which he had some fun creating.

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KSI made sure to advertise his fighting prowess, posting pictures of himself clad in full boxing apparel.

He likewise included shots of himself standing on a balcony with a bottle of champagne in the background, stunting inside his home with wads of cash, a stand-alone of his belt, as well as kicking back reading a… rather interesting selection of literature.


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After creating his bio, KSI copped Tinder Gold and saw nine likes – eight of them from men. As it happens, the YouTube boxing star had accidentally set his interests in the male species, rather than women.

He received some hilarious messages on the outset, to boot. One user, named Amy, simply sent a “:/” face, while a girl named Kirsty immediately questioned the validity of his fight with Logan Paul.

“A draw? Really?”

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One man even asked if KSI would pass his number along to Logan Paul.

After wantonly swiping right on a series of profiles, he received a match from a name that his team had censored throughout the video. Presumably, this person was a man with an interest in KSI, who jokingly asked for the user’s number.


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He called the person in question only to get hung up on. The individual revealed that he was married, much to KSI’s astonishment.

“Will call you soon, wife close by.”

The video ended with a teaser for a second installment, showing a phone call between KSI and the married Tinder user. While we have yet to learn of this person’s identity, fans can expect more drama in the second episode.