KSI walks back claim he could beat Thor Bjornsson in boxing match

KSI takes back claims he could beat thor bjornsson in boxing matchYouTube: JJ Olatunji / Instgram: thorbjornsson

YouTube star KSI is walking back his claims that he could beat Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson in a boxing match following Bjornsson’s recent win over Eddie Hall.

KSI is quickly backpedaling after making some lofty claims about a potential bout with one of the world’s strongest men.

The YouTuber is no stranger to the world of combat sports; he, alongside former rival Logan Paul, kickstarted the current influencer boxing craze thanks to their two viral boxing matches in 2018 – 2019.

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KSI emerged victorious, and recently announced his comeback to the sport with an as-yet unnamed opponent — but some fans think he shot too high after claiming he could easily best Thor Bjornsson in the boxing ring.

KSI teases Logan Paul boxing collab digital concertTwitter: KSI
KSI and Logan Paul effectively sparked the current trend of “influencer boxing” that’s taking over the internet.

KSI notably claimed that Bjornsson was “slow,” saying he could get in good hits while the 323 lb strongman was charging up his punches.

Thor was of a differing opinion. “Interesting,” he said of KSI’s words on Instagram. “I wonder if he truly thinks he could beat me or if he’s just fooling around. What do you guys think?”

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KSI refutes claim he could beat Thor Bjornsson

It seems that KSI has now changed his mind on the subject, as he quickly retracted his statement in a YouTube video posted several days later.

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“I already said on the Sidecast that I take it back,” he explained, referring to his podcast with YouTube group ‘The Sidemen.’ “No one shows that bit. No one shows the part of me actually understanding the idea of fighting Thor and realizing that he’s just too big for me.”

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thor bjornsson with hammer in gymInstagram: thorbjornsson
Thor Bjornsson notably played ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones. The 6’9, 323 lb strongman also won the title of ‘World’s Strongest Man’ in 2018.

“He just weighs too much,” he continued. “I will never be able to be that titan weight. Me being 100 kg? (220 lbs) Ridiculous. I’d feel like s**t. So — he’s 150? 160 kilograms? (352 lbs) Nah, bro.”

“I wouldn’t do much. I guess I’d be faster than him. And yes, maybe I’d be able to hit more. But all he needs to do is hit me once or just lean on me and it’s a long day for me. I have nothing to do with Thor. I do not want anything to do with it.”

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Well, there we have it; KSI is officially not interested in touching gloves with someone over twice his size. That being said, his next opponent is still unannounced, leaving fans more anxious than ever to see who he’ll go up against next (but it won’t be Thor).

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