KSI responds to rumors that he wants to fight Mike Tyson

Virginia Glaze
KSI speaks to his audience beside a photo of Mike Tyson flexing his muscles.

YouTube star-turned-pro boxer KSI might have proven his worth in the ring against his rival Logan Paul — but some rumors are claiming that he wants to test his mettle against none other than Mike Tyson.

It’s no secret that the Paul brothers are truly amping up their boxing game as of late; with Logan rumored to fight the one and only Floyd Mayweather and Jake being scheduled to fight on the undercard of the upcoming Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. bout, influencers are really making their way up in the fighting world.

With this knowledge in mind, it came as little surprise to fans when rumors began circulating that KSI — the famous British rival of the Paul brothers — hoped to face off against Mike Tyson, himself, in wake of the news that Jake Paul was involved.

The news began circulating thanks to a self-described “drunk” Mukbang video from the Sidemen, a British YouTube group of which KSI is a part.

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During the video, KSI apparently claimed that he could knock out a horse with the power of his own punch, as well as a giraffe, and later on, even bragged about being able to take on Mike Tyson — one of the boxing world’s biggest legends.

However, KSI was quick to turn to social media to dispute this rumor, claiming that it was merely a joke said during a slightly-drunk video with his mates.

“Gonna kill this real quick. I don’t want to fight Mike Tyson,” the YouTuber explained. “The man is a legend. You got trolled from a drunk Sidemen video.”

Despite KSI’s fervent explanation to the contrary, the internet was quick to troll him, with close friend and video editor Randolph jokingly asking him: “Could you also retract the statement you made in which you said you could knock out a horse?”

KSI, getting in on the banter, replied “No” — so while it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any more info out of the YouTube star, it seems that he’s not interested in taking on “Iron Mike” Tyson anytime soon.

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