Twitch streamer Hasan shocked after streaming ‘racist’ iDubbbz YouTube video

L: Twitch screengrab. R:iDubbbz/Twitter

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker was left shocked after accidentally broadcasting a racial slur on his stream from an iDubbbz YouTube video.

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Many Twitch streamers open their streams up to fan interaction by letting them donate with text-to-speech or ask for media requests.

While these are usually harmless, there has been a trend of troll attempts – with some streamers putting themselves in trouble with what they show. A similar incident occurred during Hasan’s May 24 broadcast after loading up a YouTube video from iDubbbz. 

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Hasan can regularly be found chatting to viewers on his Twitch stream.

During his May 24 stream, the popular IRL streamer had been taking viewer recommendations on YouTube videos to watch. After flicking through a number of Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Carter’s popular Content Cop upload, he switched on the one dedicated to Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem.

However, Hasan was shocked left after starting the video up and seeing that iDubbbz uttered a racial slur in his introduction.

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“What the fuck dude?” the streamer called out after hearing the slur. The anguish on his face was clear to see as Hasan immediately put his head in his hands after realizing what had just appeared on his stream. He added a solitary “Ok,” after quickly turning off the video and putting his head back in his hands.

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Has Hasan been banned from Twitch?

Even though Twitch streamers have been banned for similar slip-ups in the past, Hasan’s accidental airing of the slur has landed him in any trouble – that he has disclosed, anyway.

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The popular IRL streamer may not get into trouble with the livestreaming platform, as some fans may fear, considering he has been able to stream since his May 24 broadcast.

Typically Twitch simply asks that streamers make every effort to stop the content when something like this occurs, and Hasan’s immediate reaction likely saved him any issues.

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