KSI challenges Gross Gore to fight after Logan Paul rematch comments - Dexerto

KSI challenges Gross Gore to fight after Logan Paul rematch comments

Published: 3/Dec/2019 3:29 Updated: 3/Dec/2019 12:17

by Andrew Amos


YouTube boxing king JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji isn’t resting on his laurels after his fight victory over Logan Paul, issuing a challenge to Twitch streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen after he provoked the champion on Twitter.

KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing duels have taken the internet by storm over the last couple of years. After the first fight back in 2018 resulted in a draw, the British YouTuber came out on top on November 9 in a triumphant split decision victory.

KSI retained his YouTube Boxing Champion belt, but he isn’t just holding onto that one victory. As more challengers approach, KSI is entertaining the possibility of sparring off against some of the internet’s most divisive personalities, including Gross Gore.


Twitter: KSI
Twitter: KSI
KSI reigned victorious over Logan Paul in their November rematch.

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The League of Legends streamer got involved in the second bout after sending a message to Logan Paul on November 8 asking the American to “f*cking knock out” the Brit.

“If you don’t f*cking knock him out Logan Paul, I’ll do it myself,” he said. “Knock him out, I need this in my life.”

KSI took the request as a challenge, tweeting a sparring invite at Gross Gore on December 2. “Lets spar and see if you can knock me out then,” he said. The tweet wound up the streamer, with Gross Gore releasing a video reply telling KSI to “delete your tweet right now.”


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“What the f*ck is this bruv, I’ve had Ninja on my d*ck and now you want to pop me,” he said. “Well come on then bruv, your fight was so sh*t I fell asleep on that couch. I ain’t f*cking joking.”

“You’ve got a big f*cking ego because you’ve gone and beaten Logan Paul — whoopty f*cking doo. Now you’re gonna try and pop me bruv? You’ve been training for three years, I’ve trained once in my life, but give me three months and I will f*ck you up so hard and shut your little f*cking ego down.”


KSI didn’t stop there though, replying to the streamer’s December 2 rant with a date in mind. “I’ll wait three months, see you in March,” he said. Gross Gore retweeted the reply, but it’s not clear whether both parties are adamant on such a matchup.

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Gross Gore has been in the spotlight recently after calling Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ a “stupid w*nk” after his comments on the True Geordie podcast criticizing the streamer. The content creator is known for his rants on Twitter, varying in topics from gaming to entertainment news.

There might be some weight behind the fight challenge from KSI to Gross Gore, but nothing is set in stone yet. Given how long it took to prep the Logan Paul rematch, angling for a three-month turnaround on a proper fight might not be possible, but KSI is ready to defend his title from whoever dares to challenge him.