KSI gives worried fans an update after “hit and run” car crash incident

ksi car crashKSI, Instagram

YouTuber and boxer Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, known by many as KSI, has given fans an update after it was reported he was in a car crash.

Rumors started to do the rounds on October 13 that the popular content creator has been involved in a car crash, prompting a wave of concern from his fanbase on social media.

Fan accounts, such as KSI News and Sidemen Updates, posted messages of support to the Misfits Boxing CEO.

He has since responded to reports of a car crash at a Misfits vs DAZN Series 002 event, confirming that it did happen and he wasn’t hurt in the process.

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KSI responds to car crash rumors

He said: “By the way, with the car crash I am good. The guy is being prosecuted and everything because it was a hit and run. He hit us and then dipped out.

“But guess what? The police were there, saw the whole thing, chased him down, caught him and put him in cuffs. It was crazy.”

According to KSI, the crash took place in the early hours of the morning following a boxing sparring session.

“We’re all safe. Everyone is good. Everyone is blessed,” he concluded.

The response will certainly put many fans at ease and they can all look forward now to the next time he steps in the ring. The last time he did, KSI beat two opponents – Swarmz and Luis Pineda – August 26, 2022.

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So far, he has not yet announced his next boxing opponent but rumors have been circulating about an early 2023 fight being penciled in by the YouTuber.