KSI doubles down on wild bet with Dillon Danis ahead of PPV clash

KSI Dillon DanisInstagram: KSI / Instagram: Dillondanis

KSI and Dillon Danis have more than just pride on the line in their upcoming boxing match. Months after initially teasing a bonus wager, it appears the deal is now final as the loser will leave the bout with a bald head.

After months if not years of back and forth on social media, British YouTube star KSI is finally set to get in the ring with renowned internet trash talker Dillon Danis. The two will go head to head in a PPV main event on January 14, 2023 and it appears to be an extremely lucrative bout for them already.

However, there seems to be more at stake than just any old boxing match. While a loss would surely sting and the backlash online shortly after wouldn’t be shortlived, one additional wager appears to have been added to the mix.

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Back in September, long before the fight was ever made official, the two worked out an agreement on Twitter. Looking to spice things up, Danis put forward the idea of having something extra at stake. KSI quickly responded, wagering the loser “must let the winner shave his head in the ring after the fight.”

While Danis was on board with the idea back then, nothing has come of it ever since. It appeared the extra possible embarrassment was left in the rearview mirror as formal contracts were signed for the boxing event.

Though it’s all kicked off once again just weeks out from the fight, as KSI just doubled down on the head-shaving agreement in a December 21 Instagram stream.

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Out in the streets of London promoting the Sidemen’s Christmas Drillings song, KSI pledged that should their holiday track hit number one on the music charts, fellow YouTuber TBJZL would have his head shaved.

“I get to cut his hair… So I get to cut his hair and Dillon Danis’ as well,” KSI said laughing at the thought.

Obviously, there’s no telling if this part of the agreement has been factored into the official fight contracts, meaning they legally have to oblige. But if their word is enough, we can expect to see one of them leaving the ring without any hair on their head come January 14.

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