KSI claims he will “expose” Jake Paul in long-awaited YouTube boxing fight

Connor Bennett
KSI and Jake Paul side by side looking at camera

YouTube star KSI says he’s only fighting Jake Paul so he can “expose” his longtime rival and make him ‘hide’ from the world afterwards.

When KSI and Jake Paul beat Logan Paul and Deji respectively, it seemed like the two YouTube phenoms were on a collision course to eventually fight for the ultimate bragging rights.

In the years since that first event, the two have taken pretty different paths. KSI hasn’t fought since his rematch with Logan in 2019, while Jake has been focused on boxing and has picked up an undefeated 5-0 record – defeating MMA legend Tyron Woodley on two occasions.

With their respective fights for this August falling apart, the pair have agreed to fight in 2023 at Wembley Stadium in what is sure to be the biggest YouTube boxing event of all time. KSI, though, just wants to “expose” his longtime rival.

KSI has one specific reason for Jake Paul fight

The British YouTube star is scheduled to fight Swarmz on August 27 after his planned fight with Alex Wassabi fell through due to injury – which is part of the reason why he and Jake have agreed to fight.

Speaking to TalkSport’s Michael Benson about the potential 2023 matchup, KSI said that he is making a return to action so that he can “expose” his longtime rival, who has been way more active than he.

“I know after the fight, once I lay him out, he’s just gonna be hiding in a corner. And I’m gonna be just abusing him for the rest of his life,” the Brit said.

With both KSI and Jake having wins under their belt, they’re each going to be extremely confident in their ability to score a win over the other, and a knockout victory will be predicted a few times.

Once KSI fights on the 27th, we should know more about when their fight will take place and what other fights will be on the card, so we’ll just have to wait and see how things ramp up.