KSI claims Gatorade striked his Jidion post amid rivalry with Prime Hydration

KSI promises students a truckload of prime after school bans drinkInstagram: drinkprime

KSI has claimed that Gatorade has hit his tweet praising JiDion with a DMCA claim as the rivalry with Prime Hydration heats up.

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration has certainly been a success so far. The former rivals’ beverage continues to fly off the shelves, and even a year after the initial launch, many fans are yet to get their hands on it.

It’s believed that Prime already dominates a portion of the hydration market, and are now going up against the likes of Gatorade.

With Prime Hydration’s rivalry with Gatorade continuing to heat up, KSI has claimed the market leader struck his tweet with a DMCA claim.

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KSI claims Gatorade DMCA’d his tweet

After a three-month hiatus from YouTube, JiDion recently returned with a new video tricking Gatorade staff into tasting Prime Hydration.

Sneaking into the Gatorade HQ, the ‘Prime Squad’ member offered employees a chance to try new flavors, which were in fact Prime disguised in Gatorade bottles.

KSI absolutely loved the stunt and commended the YouTuber for pulling it off. In a February 4 tweet, the Brit praised JiDion as a king — which has since been taken down.

The Prime co-founder has now explained that it was actually Gatorade who DMCA’d the tweet.

“Gatorade took down my tweet promoting JiDion’s latest video,” he wrote on Twitter. “They really are that triggered.”

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KSI’s original tweet now has a “Media not displayed” notice, along with the message “This image has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

Similarly, Logan Paul’s tweet praising JiDion has also been taken down, showing the same DMCA notice.

Prime Hydration continues to reach new heights, and there’s no telling what’s in store next for the brand. However, it’s fair to say fans have loved what they’ve seen so far.